Monday, August 25, 2014

keep calm and just read it all (sorry there's lots of words) august 25, 2014

we went to a bairro way far away called abegai... we taught 4 girls who are sisters that are all less active and all of them went to church sunday! and the oldest wants to serve a mission! wooohoo!!!
me and my companion sister rodrigues in abegai at sundown
we found a couple new investigators. we were walking back to where the member who drove us there was teaching with the elders and we passed a house... i asked my companion, “should we knock here?” she said no. they had a huge replica of the statue in rio. we kept walking. but then i just had to try. we knocked and the woman who answered let us right in. she had already been taught about our church.  yes she wanted to attend church sunday. we made plans but then some people came and visited her so she couldn't attend:(
●as always-- an interesting lunch with our velhinha fernaninha who is 93. always interestingJ 
she's 93... but she still cooks for us
had a family night with almost all of joão’s kids. and friends. we taught about the atonement, my fav. it was great. then it was even better because joão takes way too good care of us and served us ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop. 
                             if you know me... you know that i'm thrilled with ice cream for dessert 
is this family cute or what?  we love everyone in joão’s family!!

kids really just love me... what can i say?
we finally decided to be compliant missionaries and we gave our investigator carlo to the elders to teach—he does after all live in their area. he still is smoking but i hope that the elders have an approach that we don’t and he will progress and be able to kick the habit so i can witness his baptism :) the great part is that we still visit occasionally because he lives with a recent convert of the other sister missionaries, but it’s not the same :/
when none of your investigators go to church… but then you think you’re seeing a miracle happening when a man who lives in your area shows up to see how things are... he says he never visited church before... you’re all excited because miracles happen!!!!!...  but then, you look on the ward member list and he’s already baptized member. 
i think this week i taught the most lessons i’ve ever taught in my mission... maybeeee i was teaching this much in camobi but it’s been so long ago i don’t remember. for sure the most i’ve taught in the last 8 months. and every week we are teaching more and more so im excited to see how much we can teach next week. the good thing is it’s not just teaching, we really are finding new investigators and the investigators we are teaching are sharp!

this week we thought we lost thamires.. my favorite (shhh) investigator that was in the picture last week with all the girls,.. she’s in the dress. things were great and then she said “oh yeah i’m moving tomorrow.” now, technically it’s close, but still far away. like out in the country from cruz alta.  she said she will come back almost every weekend so we still made plans for her baptism. we wrote her letters and just hoped and prayed she would stay strong alone out in the country. then sunday we were going to visit her friend and we knocked and behind us we hear ´´oi feias!!´´ which means hi uglies more or less. of course it had to be her. we turned around and went running to her and gave her the biggest hugs. she still might move… but something happened with where her grandma would work so for now she’s staying :) 
another miracle... like i said, no one came to church yesterday. but in the other ward that goes to church in our same building at another time, two of our friends that are young women there brought a friend who loved church anddddd lives in our area!!!yayayayya. 

i don’t know what it is. the work is just soooo good here. almost too easy. no kidding, obviously it’s work but it’s so great. the members help us. the people understand. and the missionaries are so happy because of this :) things feel perfect! obviously, we didn’t have a baptism this week but i have a lot of hope for what’s left of my time here in cruz alta. which is hopefully a lot.  i hope that all of the people we’re teaching is because of the efforts we have given and our obedience to do what the Lord has asked.  i hope that god is blessing us and these people we’re teaching. i’m sure He is. i just feel very blessed and so loved and quite lucky to be here…  in this cruz alta area. also i’m so blessed to be in this mission in brasil, with these people, doing this work. it really is the bees knees. 
this is where i go to church each week in cruz alta
have a great week. go help the missionaries k? 

xoxo sister faldmo

Monday, August 18, 2014

happy birthday cruz alta!!! august 18, 2014

●i'm loving loving loving my new comp. 
 maria ritas & my new companion sister rodrigues
this week we hit some really key goals for the missions standard of excellence that has been impossible for the past six or so months. 
had a fun pday with a convert in the other ward that lovessss the missionaries. she invited us over and made us food. do you do this for the missionaries? because you should. but give them a ride to your house because she lives sooo far away haha. 
maria rita's house with the other missionaries... she is the cruz alta missionary momma!

 this pic was taken after lunch with jose and.... oops i kinda forgot her dad's name. it's a really cute name and i'm mad i forgot. to be honest they are one of the few solid families in our ward. tomorrow he is going to take us to a bairro (a part of town) abegay (and yes i thought of abbie huber the first time i saw this name)because it is apart of our ward but it is like half an hour away just on the bus so we only go there for lunch... there used to be a bus that passed by all the houses before church but now there isn't so no one is active. its so far away and a pretty poor part of cruz alta. 

the weather here really can’t decide what’s up. i should be dying because it’s so cold but it’s not cold at all! 
people here. nothing opens on holidays (thus the problem emailing today)
i already ate like all of the american food i got this week… thanks for the packages homies!! 
getting thamires to church this week was a battle haha. we went to wake her up and at her home. don’t worry she wasn’t sleeping at her house (realized after we knocked for like 5 minutes) so we went to her friend’s house that is a member and kinda lazy and not going to church... knocked on her window (yeah don’t worry i know where they sleep) and woke her up, got her ready, and walked with her the 40  minutes to church. sacrifice brings blessings right?
#crazystat #donotakethisastrunky in my district there are 10 missionaries. 6 of us are all going home together at the end of january. there will be a total of over 30 missionaries going home that day. crazy i know. Get those papers in armies of helaman!
sunday! 6 non members or young women at church and the attendance in our ward was so so so much better! 
ahhh i will forever love this pic. 
yesterday we had SIX YOUNG WOMEN INVESTIGATORS at church. these are my meninas. they made up half of the young women!!!! and they are just visitors--for now:) there's thamires who i adore (my 14YO that quit smoking all on her own who will be baptized any day here, just waiting for her to feel ready. she wants to wait for her birthday next month. ugh. teenagers), mariane the most perfect investigator ever (we are just waiting for her mom to let her get baptized) who brought her friend too, and then marieli (joão our recent convert's daughter who hopefully will follow her dad's example soon) and her two friends that stayed the weekend at her house (we have already taught them a couple times too, but they live in the other ward so the elders will start teaching them.)
we taught with the member who gave us xis (a cheeseburger)  and he bought us xis.. again! win win experience. 
we have a ward mission leader now!!! yayayy! and he’s so great!!
INTRODUCING MY NEW COMP--sister rodrigues
New in the mish. (4 months) grew up in minas gerais but lives in espírito santo now. 19. Super cute. We have are only 1 cm difference in height... whoo i love tall people!!!! i am loving working with her. she is super chill and teaches really well. every day we read preach my gospel together in english :) i will help another brasilian love the US!!
soooo it’s basically this. a good good week. but STILL LOTS MORE TO DO. 
it was a good sunday and hopefully the investigators that went to church will be baptized soon. our mission goal is that we teach and baptize at least two people every dupla (month) it seems simple but i have never been able to do it. in camobi i was teaching and baptizing more but i then there was a dry period… but i’m back!! i hope… haha. i really want to meet this goal. it seems like either this month or the next i will. 
we are trying to plan lots of activities because all of the members have talked the past couple weeks about how when the ward was strong there was always something at the church going on. so we are going to bring it back. wooohooo. party at the chapel! my forteJ

but loooooove ya lots. stay strong homies. pray for me and i’ll pray for you. (but my prayers are better because i’m a missionary. (kidding!! mom don’t erase this part!)
have a great week and shout out to my baby sister maggie dru who is almost TWELVE!

xoxo sister faldmo

Monday, August 11, 2014

august 11, 2014 i am busy....

a little pday with all the missionaries in cruz alta to play volleyball, the couch game, and eat hot dogs :) ...oh and wear jeans #stillfitlikeacharm
my cruz alta district and some of the other cruz alta district on pday
i made our zone tshirts and they turned out pretty sweet. 
we spent fathers’ day with our new convert joão and his kids :) it was so great... he’s our dad here for reals and he always wants to feed us haha. 
we had dinner with joão and invited all of his kids to his baptism. the next day they stopped us on the street and asked us to teach them. they said they saw that we are normal people who like to have fun and are really happy, and they need this in their life. 
joão is next to me in this picture and my comp on the left... and his whole family!
the baptismal font was losing water soooo fast.  we filled it twice but by the time joão was baptized it was to his knees and he had to be baptized 5 times to go all the way under :( 
wait…. what??? i’m one year in?
in our district shirts for an old fashioned girls girls' slumber party
had to give a talk in church at the last minute... but i left the talk i had prepared back at the house... yep. so i used my favorite talk from general conference and just went off of it.
my comp got transferred and i’m getting a new one. all I know is her name is sister rodriguez it’s all good. 
we started a new activity ´´quartas na quadra´´ (wednesday on the court) and invited the youth to come play basketball, volleyball, etc. it was really successful for the first time. but the next time there was only one girl who came so we played volleyball and soccer then... ended up just taking silly pics haha. AND THEN we found out that our mission rule doesn’t allow us to play with sports with members haha. oops. 
one of the weird pics from "quartas na quadra" paloma (yes, another paloma:) is less active... and was our sole attender 
i tried to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan for joão’s  baptism... it was a massive fail.
joão was baptized!!!! happy happy day. and all of his family came to see. and then we found out his nephew was going to be baptized the same day in the other ward so we just did all of the baptisms together! it was really really great. 
joão is 4th from left
somehow we got in a little cake fight cleaning up after the baptism... #oops
...and i've been on the mish one year so we celebrated:)

yay joão belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! it was a crazy week. we weren’t 100% sure if everything would work out for his baptism but tuesday we had a super spiritual lesson with him and explained to him how we knew he is ready for baptism. he accepted!!! and it was great. the baptism was super super choatic because it was 4 different people being baptized that had been taught by  3 different duplas of missionaries but it all worked out in the end. haha. 
all in all it was a great week. this transfer went soooo fast. but the work is great. i guess we will now be busy teaching and baptizing all of joãos family :) haha. 
anyways. i love you all. sorry i have no time today. lots of trading pics from the transfer with other missionaries before they leave and what not. 

xoxoxo sister faldmo

i found a way to get my leg workout in...

good thing since we ate cake at a member bday party:)

Baptism Pics

Monday, August 4, 2014

oooooo boca aberta... august 4, 2014

roomies & missionaries in cruz alta
sister gusmão (my comp) sister mendonça, sister saito and me
teaching with members... then after they stop by and buy a big cheeseburger for you and pop :)
…then a couple days later, the person you were teaching wants to do/make churrasco for you. alrighty. we accept!
ladies and gentlemen... this is churrasco
french fries and fry sauce. (just missing my corn dog hhahah i want frostop!!!)
yes folks... we're eating french fries.
so i fell again. i promise i’m ok. we were cleaning a house of a less active who is preggers. the ground was waaay wet and i had a ton of soap and i was mopping. i was messing around and BAM – i fell so hard. 
we got caught in the rain… again. 
i'm accustomed to being totally drenched
transfers are next week. my comp has been having crazy dreams and so she thinks she knows what will happen but idk if i should trust her dreams haha. 
remember the less active who lost their mom? they were at church again yesterday and the dad bore his testimony :) day makerrrr. 
four investigators at church yesterday… whattt up cruz alta????!!!!! 
one of our newer investigators is just great. she’s 14 and smokes but this week we gave her a book of mormon and she said something like ´´well you guys are going to write in the front of the book for me. something pretty, like you did for my friend right? i won’t accept it until you do´´ hahah. alrighty then. 
bottoms up??? just kidding... i'm really never going to drink this brazilian favorite

ok so this week was kinda another same old/same old. doing our thing. 
we have a great group of people that we are teaching and have 7 baptisms in mind for this month. 
this is pedro... and he loves me, as all brazilian children do:)
we have one planned for this saturday. joao. he’s my favorite. he’s pretty new... we have only been teaching him for three weeks but the last two weeks he went to church and loves it. it was him that cooked a churrasco for us one night. but the cute thing is that he got all nervous because he invited other members from church too and so he went and asked his member friend for help to cook it all haha. he’s a single dad and it’s just him and his daughter. but if he can really stop smoking he will be baptized this saturday…pray for this!!
also the ward is really getting better. they are getting more excited about sharing the gospel. this weekend we will have an activity for fathers day (it’s this sunday in brazil) and the numbers are growing. 
just everyone know that i’m in heaven here... nothing is perfect but everything is progressing so well!

have a great week lovers. 
xoxo ash aka sister faldmo
(ps boca aberta means mouth open or open mouth.. i’ve only heard people in cruz alta say it.. you call people a boca aberta when you want to call them dumb basically. it’s way catchy haha.)

my cruz alta district... ya, funny guy with the bunny ears