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My New Address in Brazil beginning 9/23/2014
Sister Ashley Faldmo
Caixa Postal 40
centro - Rosario do Sul - RS
97590 - 970

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  1. I LOVE reading your Blog, Ashley... and loved reading your snell mail when we were in So.D. a couple of weeks ago. You are sorely missed! We talked about you a lot and love hearing about all your missionary activities. It's hard to believe you have been out nine months! Papa and I are going to spend July in a home in Gold Beach Oregon. We're hoping a lot of our kids and friends will come out. It's right on the ocean and will be great to get out of the St. George heat! The place sleep 18 in beds and lots of floor space. We pray for you and think of you each day. we are soo proud of you choosing to serve a mission. What a great influence you are having on so many as you promote God's work!! Hang in there, girl! You'll be home before you know it and will probably be so sad to leave. We love you, Sister Faldmo. Nana