Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ultimos p dia in the ctm!! september 11, 2013

•awesome devotionals that make your heart happy
•this p day our teacher is taking us out and showing us where to get burgers and fries
•the temple every week!
•when they run out of service activities for everyone so we are told to clean our room
•staying awake for the entire personal study period!!
•mission presidencies that remind you of your grandparents

•our cute roommates left for the mission field this week. they were from columbia and argentina and we couldn't communicate very well but i love them so much!

•when an argentinian is wearing a jimmer shirt… i asked him how he got it and i still don't understand #languagebarrier
•beating all the boys in knock out #makingdadproud

•hot dogs soon after. 'merica people!!
•the hispanics sing barbie girl when they see us and call us a "whole collection of barbies"
•um.. i'll be in santa maria in a week.. what?
•emails from y'all

 i'm starting to get into the swing of things which means i don't have much to report. gym time makes my day. i love teaching. and portuguese is.... getting there.

i love the ctm mission president. he reminds me of harry potter as a grandpa. he always rocks it on the piano when we sing the national anthem which i love. he has these cute round glasses and is just so sweet. not to mention he made fireworks for a living!!! he's the cutest ever and he and his wife also remind me of gma and gpa. so loving, kind and a breath of fresh air!  also mom and dad, fyi the mission doctor for all of brazil knew you in sioux city when you were at morningside.  does joe and barb bingham ring a bell??  it was a very large and tender mercy to meet them the first week I came to brazil.

 this week was good! it really is kind of the same old same old.. but it works. i'm learning a lot but still don't feel comfortable with Portuguese, if you want me to be honest. but... one of the elders gave me a talkin' to this week and told me i needed to have more faith in the gifts i have and the portuguese i know.  and…. he was right (as much as i hate admitting it) J i really do like speaking, i just get nervous sometimes because i don't want to look like a fool! but either way i look like a fool i guess. i'll really have to cramming it all into the next few days.

 can you believe i've been out for a little more than a month? or that i'm heading to the santa maria TUESDAY? i can't.  i've heard so many good things about my mission president there and can't wait to meet him and his wife. i wish i had more news about my travel arrangements but all I can tell you is that i leave tuesday morning!!

just an fyi- my provo companion, sister alzate, got reassigned to bakersfield california for medicial reasons.  i am so happy for her and so proud of her for sticking it out. i miss her, and the rest of my district in prove a ton.
i do miss you all but i have to go. it’s time for those french fries our teacher promised to show us today out in sao pauloJ
say your prayers, read your scriptures and WRITE ME!!!                                                                     love,                                                                                                                                                                            sister faldmo
Brazil Santa Maria Mission
Rua Alberto Pascualine, 121 Sala 403
97015-970 Santa Maria- RS

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