Monday, May 19, 2014

may 19, 2014... just a plain out weird week‏

celebrating birthdays with one of my fams here in santiago
ward bdays 
      happy birthday geovana! she has five years            and happy birthday & baptism andre
my favorite nude flats are no more. #RIP they did good work for 9 months. 
you served me well...
we'll see if these little brazilian flats will do the trick:)
i know the new bachelor is going to be starting but i’m in brazil
went to the hospital again this week with for my comp
when sister marinho (who lives in our apartment) doesn’t get a companion at transfers and her old companion leaves..
so then we are working in trio with her but we work in two different areas with different chapels and everything…
but then she gets a new companion... who is actually a girl preparing for a mission in the branch where sister marinho serves... 
imagine that! being a missionary in your own branch! she sleeps at our apartment  and everything. 
but it was fun to be in trio again and companions with sister marinho again :) 
paloma said the prayer at andre’s baptism in front of everyone. i was sooooo proud!

andre's baptism... oh i love the children:)

it was andre’s baptism/birthday this past week. his mom is a member and his older siblings too, and even some of his aunts and uncles and cousins but his not his dad. i love his mom. she is a SAINT. seriously. she is so kind and helps us so much. she always is willing to host a family night on whatever night we need and always wants to make us dinner or snacks haha.  then the other birthday was his sister, geovana.  on that very busy day his their mom (mara) gave us lunch because another member couldn’t as was scheduled… and here it was,  her daughter’s birthday. she’s a gem. 
mara's family at andre's baptism
also, we had our family night this week at  a members house. i won’t lie... he’s kinda crazy. he has a motorized bike and he wanted all these pictures with us (the missionaries) on his bike 
hahaha but he’s so cute!!! he lives alone and he invited everyone to this big family night he organized and he bought treats and made homemade juice and was so excited to share. he loves the gospel... he was baptized only a couple of years ago.  but, as you can tell this week was... interesting. it was weird trying to cover two areas—and one of them isn’t even your area, being in trio again, and i’ll be real honest WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO NEW INVESTIGATORS sooooooo,  until then i don’t have any cool stories to tell you. this week is for sure a “finding” week. sorry to let you all down. i still have six more weeks to do some good work here. and i will, you just wait J

anywaysssssss.... I’ll talk to you all later. happy graduation and summer everyone. do the work. read your scriptures. go to church. help the missionaries. 
sometimes kids just jump in my arms:)
love you lots. 
xoxo sister faldmo

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  1. Hi Ashley! I love reading your blog every Monday...Happy to hear you are having such a good time but sorry for you your shoes wore out!!! lol doing all the good work you do you deserve a new pair I say!! Take care and keep up the good work you are doing there...xoxo Carol