Monday, May 26, 2014

may 26, 2014 minute to win it in prep for the CUP!

no ward mission leader? no person in charge of ward activities?
do you recognize that girl in the middle running the show??? #futureeventplanner
... no problem. successfully planned and executed our missionary sponsored minute to win it mega family night. it was stressful, of course, but everything worked out and people had a good time!
                   "if he can do it????                                                    i can do it....."
            too cool for school....                           and the purpose of this game is.... ????
it’s getting cold!! i thought i was a thick blooded midwest girl but this 9 degrees celcius is already killing me! and it’s just starting! i sleep with leggings and big sweat pants and a shirt and sweat shirt and wool socks with three blankets. this is real life people. enjoy your heating systems. no, but seriously we are so lucky. not just in the states… even here. i know some of the people i visit and some of the members here are much colder every night. #noticeeveryonewearingcoatsinthebuildingatouractivity
oh yeah, our shower broke the other day... i refuse to take a cold shower. today i washed my hair in the pot of warm water. the things i do to be a missionary...
found out father’s day is different here than in the states. what the heck??? 
just wait... all of southern brasil will be saying this by the time i leave. #iamacartooncharacternow
so this week we got locked out of our house.... with the keys. yeah. idk how that happens but it did. and it was night time and it was COLD. we tried for like 5 minutes to get in.. then we were helpless and called the elders… which obviously didn’t help anything. so then we asked our downstairs neighbor for help (we live in a two story apartment house thing and downstairs is the cutest little lady and her son who is like 30 or something). he came and tried but couldn’t get the door to open either. so... then… yeah. long story short, we went to the back of the house, i climbed a ladder, walked across the roof, crawled into our laundry room, and opened the other side of the door with the key and kinda saved the day #nbd.... oh yeah of course i was IN A SKIRT!
so for the first time while being a senior companion i knew we realllly needed new investigators and i have absolutely no clue what i am doing. seriously.  but we used the area book and managed to find some really awesome new investigators this week. it’s amazing how missionary work actually works. like people just let us, complete strangers, into their house and when they are seeking they just love us so easily. and we love them too of course. 
this week i officially became brazilian when i learned how to make pastels with cheese and another with chocolate. YUM. i’m addicted. so unhealthy but whatever people keep saying i got skinny here, so i can right?
did you read that??? i'm officially brazilian!

anyways. this week was good! things are getting better. i’m really excited for the potential that is building here in santiago, brasil. this week i started studying more of the book Jesus the Christ and that book is seriously amazing. i love how much i learn about my Savior and Heavenly Father. 

so. life is good. things are looking up. two of our new investigators are a mom and her son. we invited them to the minute to win it activity but she couldn’t go because she takes care of her mom, but her son said he would go with us. he’s 12. i didn’t know in the end if he would really have the courage to go alone, but we went to get him and his mom said he was so excited, it’s all he could talk about and then… he got sick! i was so sad. then we tried to visit them the next day and his mom had taken him to the hospital :( things will get better! he has to get baptized so they have to get better :)

yeah well i love you all! have a good week! everyone…. get ready for the CUP!!!! go brasil!
start wearing your green and gold ASAP!!!

xoxo ash aka sister faldmo

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