Monday, June 2, 2014

june, say what??? june 2, 2014

it’s kinda weird serving in a country on the other side of the hemisphere because I’m so confused with what month it really is because of the weather, so when it starts getting warm again i will think it will be summer but really it will be time to go home… in january! yeah i’m kinda all confused. 
elders had a baptism. he is the only member of his family who wasn’t baptized because he wasn’t 8 yet but now he’s 11 and his family has become less active but he wanted to be baptized… almost all of his family came to the baptism. it was so good to see them all back at the church after more than 8 years. 
we had a less active irma we needed to visit and have been trying to for a while now... when we finally caught her at home she was so excited! she made us hot cocoa and basically dinner haha. now i remember why i love inactive members :) 
the things i do to entertain children... i read the story as the witch with my hood for little ana
good news people... we fixed our shower. well actually an irmao fixed it for us. haha. 
it was an elder in my district’s birthday and the other sisters planned this surprise for him with members but while they were supposed to be distracting him because it wasn’t time for him to get the the "surprise" house... he got mad because they were basically just walking in circles and he almost refused to go hahhaha. that was fun. 
elder L the 20 year old himself:)

fyi: the day of his little birthday surprise my comp & i literally completely walked this city of santiago with our schedule. i was ready to cut off my legs that night. 
ice cream in any weather. 
i made a pazookie!! (sorry…all of the awesomes are going to be food!)
serving up my pazookie
anyways. that what i have for you this week. it’s been kinda crazy. this week wasn’t way cold which was good but it did rain. always a fun time. especially when i decided to curl my hair that day. this week we have mission tour.. a member of the seventy is coming and will speak to us wednesday with two other zones… then two other days with the rest of the zones. i was hoping we could go to santa maria and i could see some friends from the other district but no such luck. 
this week i studied a lot about personal revelation. i worry that i am not sensitive enough to the spirit and that maybe there are things that could be revealed to me that i don’t receive because i’m not listening. but at the same time one thing i learned is you really have to do your part to receive personal revelation and search the scriptures for your answer.  then the spirit will show you that what you read or learned was specifically for you. it’s actually pretty amazing how it all works. as members of the church we are so lucky that we can always have the companionship of the Holy Ghost and that God speaks… not just to our prophets but He wants to guide our personal lives too. 

so i love you all. i’m jealous it’s summer there. go swimming for me. get pumped for the world cup! and don’t forget to do your part to receive personal revelation, to apply the Atonement in your life, to help the missionaries, or just to make someone’s day :) 

xoxoxo sister fald
mother’s note
we get snail mail letters about every month from Ashley… here’s something that was so sweet that she shared in her letter we got this week:

“today was an awesome day…. we went to a store we passed by yesterday while walking.   We were looking for winter clothes where I, being distracted and sometimes having blonde moments, left my planner.  But while we were there I found a skirt for 20 REALS! (less than $10) but I didn’t have my money with me so the owner said he would hold it for me.  While we were in the store looking around a less active member was also there.  after we left she secretly bought the skirt for me and a shirt my companion had been looking at for her and it was all wrapped up for us WITH MY PLANNER waiting for us.  It was the cutest surprise ever!  #brasiliankindness

a mac & cheese arrival is shared by the whole apartment:)

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