Monday, June 23, 2014

so no one came to church that we are teaching (shocker. no jk be positive) so we stood in front of the church and invited every single person to come visit our church. it was kinda fun! 
sister silva found a way to be taller than me:)
some of those great new investigators already are gone from our teaching listL
our heater broke....
a cute little girl got gum stuck in my hair so for (what i can remember) the first time in my life i had to cut gum out of my hair. ok well pior ainda actually i let elder nascimento cut it. haha

i'm very trusting here....

taking a member to teach and every SINGLE appointment falling through (for the record… it was the day of a brasil world cup game but stillL
one of our favorite grandparent investigators said they didn’t have time for us to teach them this week because it was his bday and they would have visitors.. so we got creative a brought him brownies and a church dvd the night of his bday.!! WRONG his bday was the actually the next day. 
we got invited to our investigators bday party kind of a thing... he’s probs in his 60s.  it was his 4 sisters and us. hahahha. it was like a cute birthday tea and he escaped midway through with his son. but good news is one of them already visited our church and was telling everyone all about it. 

i did maria fernandas hair then she did mine :) (see pics)

this week the mission president visited every house/did interviews with everyone in our zone other than us haha. 
but don’t worry… we spent the week deep cleaning everything and were prepared.
family nights!
quenchin our thirst here in santiago
ok so hate me but that’s all i have to say. but really don’t hate me. it’s because USA ended in a tie with portugal. yeah so until they win again you won’t get a good letter. JK

my baby brother leaves on his mission this week! that’s weird. like way weird. but. so right. missions are the best. when it’s all said and done, isaac and i will be separated for three years. (let’s be real-- nothing really changes with him on a mission because he’s the worst at sending letters and emails) but it’s worth it. as a RM said in her talk this week “during your mission you will feel the happiest you’ve ever been but also the saddest. it’s just part of the job. but it’s all so worth it. we know it wasn’t easy for Christ, so why should it be easy for us, as His representatives and servants? and we don’t even come close to what He sacrificed.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is SO true. the more i learn, study and share and the more i bear testimony… the more i know this. i testify of this to anyone reading now, but you don’t have to lean on my testimony… you can find out and know for yourself. 

before i take off, I just to give you an update on an amazing youth here in southern brasil… paloma.  many of you remember when I wrote about her baptism.  paloma got to go to  the stake youth activity this week! it was a big deal to make it all work because she didn’t have what she needed to go on the bus (the poor girl doesn’t even have an ID of any kind) but she went with some members in their car. it was an activity about mission work... even pres and sister parrela were there. then they had a dance after the activity. she loved it all!! she asked us questions about a mission and said some really touching things to my companion and i. she loved what our mission president said about how lots of members of the church don’t have the support of their family but they sacrifice because they know gospel of Jesus Christ is true. she told us that at school everyone stopped talking to her when they found out she got baptized. she said she doesn’t care... she doesn’t need their help anywaysJ i love that girl so much!!! she’s quiet, but when she talks her words are so strong and smart. 
paloma in white... one of the happiest moments in santiago
we know that our family can be together forever so we are doing what we know is right to help other families have the same blessings. eternal life will be oh so sweet together. 
working with this girl in santiago too:)

love you all. 
xo sister faldmo

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