Tuesday, June 10, 2014

june 9, 2014... it's game time cougar fans!

my warm boot search finally ended and i spent less than i was planning. ten points for sister faldmo!
in case you're wondering... cows are all good in santiago

we had four family nights this week! yay. all with less active families but the investigators will come.

this is a video of games we play at FHE... not sure if you'll be able to view. May have to wait for it to load
world cup starts this week....
one of the family nights was really interesting… it was with the elders recent convert. the whole family is less active and the message was really good but then the mom interrupted with some “strange” questions and soon I basically didn’t know what we were talking about. so, i just asked her if she loved her kids and she said “honestly… if i loved them i would be active in the church and sealed in the temple so no i don’t truly love them because i won’t live with them forever.” .........awkward silence, (all in front of her kids) i wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that one. 
this week was way rough and this whole past weekend we didn’t teach. then sunday our investigator didn’t come to church because he stayed up until 6:30 AM on the computer gaming. hmmmmm
world cup starts this week....
um yeah we kind of spent like way lots of energy this month because of our heater and i got a nice little call from the financial secretary... oops. #coldinbrasil
dia dos namorados aka like valentines’ day aka #notfunasamissionary
world cup starts this week....
rafaela (niece of paloma, daughter to paloma’s brother-in-law—remember him?) said the cutest prayer in front of her whole family and everyone… she said she liked our church and baptisms at our church and she knows it’s the only true church and true baptism. hahahahha. you go get ‘em tiger. She’s 7. #futuremissionary
after months without-- we finally have a ward mission leader!!!!!! but now the young men are without a president... haha. sorry ‘bout that. 
irma marcia is the coolest ever and made me a new skirt! and it cost me less than 3 US dollars!
$3 skirt folks:)

yay paloma started seminary this week!
mission tour with a visiting Seventy (elder soares from recife and his wife) who has the coolest accent everrrrrr
the labeled 14 yr old elder from provo mtc... aka elder knowles
the district
missionary favorite
provo mtc reunion during the seventy mission tour
world cup starts this week....

this week was.... quite the week. why did it seem impossible to teach? we tried everything. talked to people on streets, knocked doors, prayed, walked and walked… but nothing worked. we couldn’t even teach our investigators. no one was home or no one wanted to talk to us. it was so hard. i still don’t understand it all. and i don’t know when it will get better. i hope soon. my time is winding down here in santiago and i really want to see people progress like paloma. i don’t know…but the Lord definitely works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure! also, with world cup starting this week we probably won’t  teach much unless our investigators don’t care about soccer… which is basically impossible here in brasil. I guess if we can’t teach then we’ll go home and study. wooohoooo. no jk i really like studying but I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to people! idk. any advice on finding new investigators would be great.
also on a happy note, because some of you may find this letter kinda depressing. i want you to know that i love irma mara. i think i’ve already talked about her. but let me just refresh your memory. she was baptized a couple years ago and has four kids. all of her children that are eight or older have been baptized. her husband isn’t a member. but minha nossa she is so faithful. the other day we had a family night with a less active that lives close to her. this less 
active invited irma mara to come but we hadn’t had a chance to actually tell her about the family home evening because she works. literally five minutes before it started we passed by her house to invite her and she truly dropped everything and said “let’s go kids.” she seriously is such an example of putting the Lord first  in your life. then at the family night the teenagers didn’t want to participate but she went in their rooms, talked to them, and got them to come out and listen! she changed the whole family night... it would have been a disaster without her. then yesterday she sent two of her kids to the mini CTM with a big thing of cake for everyone. who is this woman? i love her so much. one day i will be like her
i love irma mara! (far left)

anyways. go brasil. i’m sorry but the truth is, the US doesn’t have a chance in the world cup. Please join me in praying for success and the people in santiago. pray for miracles, because we literally need miracles here. it’s so hard but i know my time here will be worth it. maybe i’m just here to plant seeds for other missionaries... who knows? I’ll do my part, whatever it is. 

love you all. feliz copa. 

xoxo sister faldmo

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