Monday, June 16, 2014

11 Novos June 16, 2014

·      so since its impossible to work during the world cup when brasil is playing, and literally the city stops
    and everything closes.... we went to the church, studied and watched church movies. whose life is
     sweet? mine is. 
      but brasil won!!
·      no one was at church yesterday :(
·      ok so one night before going home we all met at the church to celebrate sister marinhos one year anniversary on the mish. after we walked home together and this dog was following us, then he followed the elders all the way to their house which is like forever away. then the next day we got to the church to start a district fast and guess who was there? the same dog! they named him henrique i think? or something like that. then he followed us all the way to our next lesson, tried to enter, but when we finished he wasn’t there. then we walked forever away to our next lesson and out of no where, he appeared! since then we haven’t seen him but we decided he’s a member of the church in the dog world. maybe a bishop or something. (yeah, i can tell after this story….  i’ve gotten lame and weird on the mission)

the santiago district
·      remember how last week was miserable and no one wanted to listen to us? this week we found ELEVEN NEW INVESTIGATORS.. many of who are fruits fromlast week. boy did i learn about patience. 
anyways. i really don’t have that much to say this week other than it was way better!! it started being better immediately after p day… monday night. i think it was because of all of your prayers. we went to visit someone an elder had told us about during the mission tour… he served here a while ago and gave us a list of some old investigators. no one was home. knocked at the neighbors house. no one answered. started walking and after a couple houses there was a house where they were obviously home. clapped… he let us in and told us he would get his wife. we taught just her. she said she had heard about our church recently because of a wedding (which she swears was here in santiago but neither chapel had a wedding last weekend haha) and she didn’t know anything about our church. she had lots of questions and we taught like 5 mini lessons in one. it was great and we scheduled to return. 
we went back a couple of days later and she wasn’t home! so… we taught her neighbor. in the middle of the lesson the phone rang, it was their neighbor (the husband of our investigator we taught 5 mini lessons to) asking us to come by their house after we finished. turns out after our 5 mini lessons she told her husband about everything and he was really interested and wanted to talk to us too! he had a ton of questions. we tried to teach about the restoration, but then he had questions about the plan of salvation, and then the lesson was just all over the place because of his questions. tonight she is making dinner for us and we will try and have a normal lesson with them :) haha. they wanted to go to church yesterday but her dad was sick (they are cute little grandparents, and it was her dad who was sick) so they had to stay and take care of him. 
the next day we went to a house where we had made a contact but she was leaving and said she really wanted to talk to us (this can either mean they are awesome or they are jehovah witnesses and are going to tell us we are going to hell… it’s a gamble).  after trying like 3 other times we finally caught her at home. it was theeeee BEST!! she told us about problems she had with her other church, but how she wants so much to be on God’s path for her but has a hard time. we taught her and then invited her to say the closing prayer. we knelt to pray--something i usually don’t do because of the house or the situation or what not, but this time out of no where I felt prompted and invited us all to kneel. we said the prayer... not gonna lie, it was like the craziest longest prayer ever, but so good and after she said it was the closest to God she’s ever felt and she feels like this is right! it was sweeeet. then we visited her again saturday and gave her a book of mormon. minha nossa if you could of seen how excited she was. we should all be that excited about the book of mormon. she said she was going to take it and make a cover made for it haha it was the cutest thing ever. she was so excited to get in her pajamas and start reading. the sad part is… it was FOR SURE that she said she would go to church on Sunday, but i don’t know what happened.. she wasn’t there yesterday. we went to her house and no one answered. I will keep you posted.
then there’s ana paula and her mom. (she’s the one all out for brasil in the pic). 

                                                                         ana paula
her mom was a reference from a member. ana paula is 11 and crazy. she was obsessed with my accent but at the same time said she didn’t understand anything i said. we taught her the restoration and then asked ana paula to say the prayer. she said it and it was super simple and she said ´´God is the church they are talking about really true?´´ and then after she ended the prayer she just kinda sat there. and we asked her how she felt. she just said.. “it’s true. i don’t know how i know but i just know. i feel different. it’s weird.” then we explained to her that she was feeling the Holy Ghost. then we asked her again if she wanted to prepare for baptism? she said yes :) her mom was crying… even though she still says she doesn’t know about all this, haha. 
then we taught another lesson at a house we had clapped last week but his wife wasn’t home. long story short, it was a quick lesson like 20 minutes but they both cried. i cant even remember how many people i made cry this week. 
anyways. so that’s the latest and greatest. pretty sweet huh? 
it really stinks that no one was at church because if they don’t attend church they can’t be baptized this month buttttt whatever, i guess i’ll just plant seeds and be happy with it. i’m just super happy to have found people who are seriously looking for the gospel. 

love you all. happy fathers’ day (late). go world cup. go brasil. go usa. 
god is love - rev run. 

xoxo sister faldmo

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