Monday, October 7, 2013

it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! October 7, 2013

first of all- it is the weirdest feeling being removed from all of your lives. i was talking to one of my investigators about tornados literally last night on the way home from conference and saying how we have never had much damage from one… then come to find out you all had just suffered probably the worst damage a tornado has ever done in our community during my lifetime. sorry if i jinxed you… but, I’m glad to hear everyone is okay. i will be praying for you! i love our community and neighborhood so much.

on a happier note-- shout out to my little brother for being homecoming king! you’re a stud. wish i was there but i am so happy for you and think you are just awesome.

meanwhile in brazil...
santa maria roommates & companions
new ward mission leader! he is excited and i think he will be great help.
general conference in english! i understood it all!
so excited to get to drive to watch general conference
this is what it looks like coming into santa maria
all the native english speakers watching general conference
my district outside of where we watched general conference
waiting for the bus for AN HOUR after conference
once again another disappointing week as investigators fail to keep commitments and hear the words of prophets and apostles
just trying to dry these wet shoes... rain, rain, rain!
first time in the university area… le’ts just say it’s no byu.
allergies. bad allergies. i just sneeze and sneeze for days.
passing a guy wearing an iowa state t-shirt.... um what?
my companion pranked us and said president called and was coming to our apartment now… we all ran home and starting cleaning and were so worried... she just laughed in our chaos.
gave myself a nice little trim this week... my hair was driving me nuts.
someone explain this billboard to me
hopefully it wasn't against the law for sister jackman and sister faldmo to leave our mark
i bought a coat!! and boots! it is better than christmas. but… it was just in time for a beautiful week of weather. oops
do you see my new 100% handmade leather boots?
president parrella shout out in conference!! yes ladies and gentlemen... that was my mission president on the big screen during conference (during elder anderson’s talk)
tan lines in october :) be jealous
stopping to stay hydrated:)
this week was my favorite! having conference gave us something to look forward to and explaining it to investigators was so much fun! i realized that this is the first time in the past 6 sessions (3 years) that i haven’t actually attended conference at the conference center. but it was so fun! all of the americans, and even some brazilian, in a room together. sharing treats and taking notes. conference was so great this year! there was definitely an emphasis on members and missionaries working together and i hope the members here and all of you will really heed this counsel. we do our best but it always works better when members are involved and we really do want your help!
walking these roads
i don’t really have any fun stories from this week… just keeping on with the same thing. we have the same progressing investigators (more or less) and are trying to figure out who of our new contacts is ready for our message and will progress. people say they will do things a lot here but rarely do they actually follow through. i need to get used to being disappointed because people keeping commitments to come to church, etc… is clearly really h
ard for people.
                        my kitchen                                            can you guess which bed is mine??
ah… but conference! i loved it. i felt our leaders explained everything really well so that members and investigators alike could understand the messages. i can’t wait to use these talks to teach! i specifically loved elder eyring, nelson, uchtdorf (as always), and elder edward dube's talks (how great was he). there were also some very specific talks that i thought were very interesting and inspired.

anyways. love ya all. things are good. help the missionaries... k? xoxo.
sister faldmo

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