Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Going Places Here in Camboi! October 14, 2013

15 cent popsicles FTW (for the win) on hot days!
making progress with investigators
lunch at the members who have a hamburger shop #mmmhmmm
i know it's scary... but we could almost eat the xis (hamburger)!  basically only meal for the day.
this week i finished the book Our Heritage about the pioneers and the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon—that’s what i call a successful week!
investigators not keeping their commitments 
snapped a pic behind sister j and member and her daughters as we walk to teach an investigator
a lizard coming into our apartment when we opened the door, then one of the sisters straight up slicing off its tail with the end of the umbrella while trying to get it out. 
my poor body… this week i had bad allergies, was sick, and was fasting all in one day. it hates me. but oh well...
a mom helping her little boy pee into a parking lot thing... #noshame #whenyougottago...
speaking next week in church... in portuguese.., wish me luck!
skipping classes at church to help with our investigator’s crazy kids #rebelmissionaries
5 yr old boy kawan... just trying to keep him happy at church!
making a cake and happy birthday banner for a recent convert and then her not being home... so we just ate the cake with her in-laws and gave her the left overs... ooops. #earlybirdgetstheworm
 sister clay worked hard on the cake... too bad our ward's recent convert wasn't there to celebrate!
teaching lessons with members-- they always go so much better!
teaching far away lessons, with members, with a car!! #brazilmissionaryprobs
a baptism in the ward this week-- a cute little 8 year old that had a huge festa (party in portuguese) after her baptism! it all was soooo cute…  the party planner in me approved!!
 Our church decorated so cute by the parents of their little girl that was baptized this week
its hard to really know what to say about each week! we teach a lot, we haven’t been knocking (clapping) as many doors but are still finding and teaching new investigators each week. not everyone, not even close to everyone, wants to listen to our message. i feel like many of our investigators are so close to baptism! hopefully it will happen before this transfer, sister jackman only has two transfers left after that and is worried she will be transferred. i would be so sad! i feel so lucky to be trained by her. she says “don’t love me too much cuz there’s a honeymoon phase” but i still love her :) she is loving, helpful and when she corrects my portuguese she is very nice about it. i know i need all that help so humility is key! i am lucky. i don't want her to get transferred. 
 one of our investigators insists on doing our nails... i just smile and say thank you.
this little boy dyego lovvvveeeess us and runs up to us each sunday and says seeeeeeeesterss! he loves wearing my badge at church
my portuguese is coming along. i wouldn’t say i am fluent yet, but i can say a lot of things without my companion’s help now.  i still have plenty of room for improvement. we are going to start teaching an english class soon and i’m really excited for that. i think that santa maria is the perfect area for that-- a lot of people are trying to learn english on their own already and we have 3 american missionaries serving here. 
a closer look at my "hood" and where i live
i love my ward. we taught a lot of good lessons with members this week. i know it is a sacrifice but it helps so much to have a member there when we are teaching. most investigators can relate to them more than they can relate to us… we’re 21/22 year old american girls, no kids—doesn’t get much more different for our investigators. but we still let them know we care and always teach with the spirit guiding us. 

i love reading the book of mormon! i am so mad i didn’t read it more before my mission. i think i’ll finish the first time through while on my mission this week. i really study it and love the stories and the teachings in it. it helps me with my personal life and it helps me be a better missionary. it is a book that can help every single person on this earth-- and there aren’t a lot of those.  so read it people. i promise it will change you!!!
this is where i go to send my emails each week... only $2 american dollars an hr:)
anyways. all is well. its not easy but i am happy and i really want to make a difference here. my body was definitely fighting something this week… but i didn’t want to miss out on teaching the lessons to our investigators. they are more important than whatever i would do back at apartment trying to feel better. 
i love you all and am so grateful for your support. i am very lucky to be serving a mission! 
@sisterfaldmo ;)

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