Monday, October 28, 2013

primeiro batismo!!!! october 28, 2013

we all know i have a problem waking up... well, now i am trying too hard to get out of bed right away. i seriously never heard the alarm though. (we all four share one alarm). this week i thought i heard it one morning, and another sister got up to use the bathroom, so i got up, said my prayers, then started my morning routine. i peaked at my watch quick in the middle of it all and it said something :30. (we get up at 6:30) but then no one else was getting out of bed, and the other sister was still in bed... so i thought maybe they set the alarm so we could hit snooze. so i laid in bed a couple minutes… but then i got worried they turned it off instead of snoozing it. so after a couple more minutes i finally asked what time it was... it was 2:45 am yep. back to sleep i went. 
transfers. im losing my companion and i am NOT okay with it!
ya... dyego and i will be missing her
well my reading skills improved this week… after reading 100+ pages of the livro de mormon with lidia. her dad wanted her to finish it before he allowed her to get baptised. we also did things to keep us (me) awake, like make bracelets :)
nice roommates that share their end of transfer pizza with you. 
i saw a picture of and heard the voice of my new companion (less awkward than it sounds). sister jackmans shoes will be hard to fill but i think she is capable J she is on her fourth transfer and from argentina and super cute. 
takin a walk to the farm
ya... we're still walkin'
so worth the walk
(but... embarrassing when right after this photo was taken my chick jumped out of my hands and slammed on the floor)
how did we newbies not know the bishop spoke english? during lunch at his house he started talking about when he and his wife went to provo, then he just busts out in fluent, perfect english. alright. this would have been nice to know the first week when i was trying to carry a conversation with him....
going to do an fhe with a cute family from the ward and a less active and her kids.. to find out her ex husband who is the reason she is less active (he is atheist) is there...
fhe with these members
both sister clay and i (our first transfer in the field) are losing our training companions tomorrow!! not only does this mean we will get new companions who will finish our training, but we, the barely newbies, will have to show our new trainers the area. our investigators and other converts we work with are so worried that my companion will only speak as much portuguese as me and we won’t be able to do anything. we had to explain she will know a lot more portuguese, etc. sorry homiez im trying my best!
best district in the mission field
the baptism of lidia! the most magical thing in the world. *details below. 
we have this house that when we start teaching… random kids from the neighborhood always come listen. It’s the cutest thing. this week when we came down the streets, they all ran to the house and got everyone ready for our message. 
an awesome ward that was so welcoming and supportive at lidia’s baptism. 
awesome members of the ward
joao & idina... some of the newer members at church
what a crazy week! silly me-- the first couple days i complained about how slow it was going, not having anything to look forward to. well i got what i wished for! on the way to lunch on Thursday, sister jackman got a call from president. we all had been talking about transfers all week but figured if anyone got transferred it would be just her. president had called her to ask her to be a “sister training leader”. she will be so great but i am sooooo sadL we had joked about this before, because we are not perfect and usually the “STL” always follow the rules very strictly. but she will be so good, she has a way with people that makes them want to trust and love her… she’ll be different from the other STL if you ask me. (but i really don’t know them to be honest.) so, i am happy for her. i was nervous to have a new companion who doesn’t speak english (even though this is what usually happens, two americans are neverrrr together.) and i don’t know my way around like sister jackman does. but the other missionary we live with assured me she would help. well… then guess who the next call we got was about? sister tanya… she won’t be able to help because she is getting transferred as well. i was waaay freaked out, similar to the feeling when i got my visa, but i am a lot better now. the members all have offered to help with anything and sister clay and i will figure things out together :)
a messy desk is a productive desk
BATISMO! oh my goodness the church is true!! on friday we finished the book of mormon with lidia, and on our way home we got a call from lidia and we were hoping she was calling to tell us that her dad gave her permission to be baptized, but then the phone cut out! and they have a different phone so we couldn’t call back. we were dying! finally… like 30 minutes later we got a hold of her through her uncle and got to talk to her. HER DAD SAID YES! we had to plan it all kind of last minute… everything was in place but we had never given anyone the go ahead because it wasn’t for sure. so the next day, she had her interview, but instead of holding her baptism on Saturday-- like they usually want you to do, the bishop asked us to do it sunday night so more of the ward’s youth could go (there was this big college scholarship test thing this weekend that many of the youth were busy with). so that’s what we did. it was such a special night! her dad and uncle came (her uncle is also taking the lessons, but can’t be there as much as lidia.) a sister from the ward made cake, another sister gave her a special liahonia (church magazine) about baptism, the young women leader gave her a plaque with a quote on in, the youth spoke and gave the prayers... oh my. sister jackman borrowed her a skirt and she looked so cute! she is just so simple and sweet. but dang smart. daaaang smart.
 lidia's dad, me, lidia, sister j and lidia's uncle
did i tell you she is dang smart?
the ward came out in support

this weekend was kind of surreal. the baptism, plus just saying being with sister jackman as she said goodbye to people... I’m seeing real changes in people’s lives. i CAN actually make a difference! i am a tool in the Lord’s hands. the gospel changes lives and makes people so happy. i am sooooo grateful i am here. i love sharing this happiness with others, and i am also so happy when i am sharing this gospel. i LOVE these people! and i am so glad i am here with them, helping them, and helping them come closer to their Savior Jesus Christ. 

i love you all. heck i love everyone!! go to church. read the scriptures. say your prayers. remember who you are… k?

xoxo sister faldmo
lilianis' daughter
lilianis' son
some favorite members at church
teaching these dolls
one of our favorite new converts Daniella
kawan and Julia
kind people that feed us
 yes... i taught dyego eye love you
yes, my initials are still there

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