Monday, November 4, 2013

new sista, new style, i got this... november 4, 2013

●no halloween here. nothing, nada… AT ALL.
●so we tried to be fun and we all switched our name tags for lunch. But, we with recent converts so they didn’t even notice!! #lamesauce
●so now i’m in charge of finding all the houses and roads. needless to say, we had a nice little tour of a couple of roads this week...
●dogs love us. and we HATE them!! hate is a strong word but they are sooo annoying! when our investigators leave the room we have to try and push them away from us with our umbrellas and what not. #sorrynotsorry
●everyone hates us. before… with sister j we kinda would just surprise people because we knew when they were usually home. new companion and trainer sister m likes to make appointments with people which is totally great… but now i swear no one is ever home! (they probably plan to leave when we are coming).. friday we had 3 appointments and no one was home! and one was sooo far away. ughz.
●this past week on saturday was day of the dead. (kinda like memorial day..ish.) and i think everyone died that day because there was no one in the streets!
●the computer i’m on has a major virus and ate all my pictures i just loaded from this week.  All I’ve got are a couple from sister mL

●i think i have a new favorite chapter in the book of mormon- -moroni 7. read it people.
●yesterday this guy was blasting the classic ´´funky town´´. shout out to dad! i thought of youJ
●lidia was confirmed and received the gift of the holy ghost sunday!
●my new companion is great. not from argentina like i told everyone… she’s from columbia. oops. things are waaaay different, so not gonna lie but it’s good. she has lots of new ideas and i know i will grow during this transfer.
my new companion-- sister mora and i
●i have been surprised by how few problems we have with communicating… our only common language is portuguese and so i actually have been learning more portuguese!
●i called the bishop and was speaking in portuguese like a good little american missionary, but then he responded in english. alright… i can do that too:)
●i had churrasco for my first time this week!
●last week on monday night with our first trainers, we were saying goodbye to families in the ward and we were late for curfew. so i got to tell our district leader when he called.. don‘t worr,y i distracted him. i tried to ask if he had a girlfriend, but i put an “o” on the end so i actually asked if he had a boyfriend. after he said no i asked if he wanted one. oops! we got the whole situation cleared up and tomorrow i have to bring pictures of my friends to district meeting. just a heads up to all of you... sorry if you get a letter from elder c, but you got us out of trouble that night so thanksJ oh yeah and he only speaks portuguese so good luck.
●so now i have a companion who speaks nooo english.
●sorry mom but i taught her ´´that sucks´´ in english because…
●... an investigator RETURNED our book of mormon we gave to her, because her dad said it wasn’t good for her to read. (she’s in her 30s.. she has a daughter!!!! alright that’s cool…. with love of course.)
●we were kind of teaching a lesson on the street (at someone’s fence) and this drunk guy walked up (it was like 2:00 in the afternoon) and stood creepishly close to my companion and just listened. it was hilariousssss. we basically ran away from him after.

●we were walking pass this ice cream place and i told my companion i heard it was good and we should try it sometime. she said ´´now?´´ um... duh, alrigh.t i can do that. she knows the way to my heart- -spontaneous ice cream stops.
●i know why i was sent to brazil- they love sprinkles on ice cream! and i do too! It’s great. saturday our dessert was more or less melted chocolate and then we dipped it in sprinkles. seriously.
●the grocery store was decorating for NATAL (christmas) today!!! #itsthelittlethings
●today we will finally have our volleyball game! all the zones in and around centro are coming. after we are doing something with water balloons (sketchy but i like it.) and getting a treat. oh que felicidade!

this week i finish three months on the mish. That’s 1/5 done! crazy! some of me thinks it’s gone by waaay fast and some waaay slow. but it’s good. i really really love my area and the members here. my new comp sister mora is really cute! this is her first time training (she is really new too.. 5 months or so out on the mish.) sister jackman trained all her mission so their styles are very different. but it’s all good. im rolling with the punches. i’m trying really really hard to work on patience and submissiveness. i'm studying a lot in preach my gospel so my new comp can’t find reasons to say i teach wrong, but i never will be perfect. and my portuguese restrains me a lot.

amo a todos vocês a partir de Brasil
sister faldmo

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