Monday, November 11, 2013

she'll be comin' round the mountain... november 11, 2013

sister williams, from my provo district, got her visa and is in our zone! so i got to see her tuesday and will see her tomorrow as well!
 it's true... she's here:)
tomorrow is zone meeting which means i get to see sister jackman as well! i miss her so dang much. It’s kinda not my style… but people call your trainer your mom, but i have two different moms now so my new one is my stepmom… good but not your mom.  
for training this week we had a ton of district clips to watch so we made popcorn and all four of us watched it together on our beds.
the mission office has apparently been hoarding my letters… and i’m making quite the name for myself with all the office elders and assistants.
my eternal investigator (i just can’t let her go… she will be baptized someday!!) gave me the cutest ring yesterday. #perks

missionaries are like the mailman/postman… we deliver messages in all sorts of weather (including the weather right now aka the clouds dumping rivers at a time), we’re always broke, and dogs ALWAYS hate us.
                         on a more prepared day...                       and on a not so prepared day
and this is what the bottom of your skirt looks like even with an umbrella when you stand waiting at someone's door for 40 minutes
two weeks ago our district leader said that president parrela would be visiting all the houses close to centro so to make sure we cleaned well. but he said ´´it’s like the second coming. we don’t know when but we know it’s coming… so be prepared´´ (you know you’re on a mission when....) welp.
tuesday we got a call from the service missionary over all the houses, he is looking for a new house for us. long story short, it ended with president and sister parrella coming to visit and us… #frantic. I’ll let you do the math but everything was spotless when they ´´randomly showed up´´ at 8pm and our fridge was stocked with fruits and things in accordance with sister parrella’s missionary diet. gold stars for all the camobi sisters! (word on the street is this week we get peanut butter for having such a clean house!)
president and sister parella think we're the best!
now who says i can't clean?
teaching this awesome lesson... then the drunk uncle comes in with some interesting questions. #everyonehasthatuncle...
my first shower en route… on the road... no boots, no umbrella, nothing, nada.

volleyball last week on pday! it was sooo much fun even though 70% of everyone playing was horrible but after, my district went for some ice cream :)
sun & volleyball... what more could i ask for??
still walkin' for miles:)
i would be lying if i said this week was happy go lucky, but i got to talk to sister jackman this week (thank goodness she is a sister training leader) and she didn’t pityme… but she told me exactly what i needed to hear, complete with a chapter from the book of mormon that i studied that day and it helped me so much. #tendermercies (alma 26 for those who need a little boost… it all is great but verse 30 gave me the motivation i needed)
we begin teaching our english class next week!! any and ALL suggestions welcome.
popsicles on the hot days is also awesome!
let’s just talk about the fact that we got a gem of a reference this week. talk about being completely ready and prepared for the gospel. and not to mention after the first lesson, she had a snack prepared for us. She’s like another mom here in brazil :) #thechurchistrue
my life sunday. FIVE INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH PEOPLE. THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN. and members sat by and befriended every single one of them. i love them. i love this ward. i love this gospel. we’re getting somewhere!

              we have made it through 3 months!!!     yes, we made the #3 to celebrate
i made it through another week. There’s still a lot of adjusting to do here in camobi, but i really think this will end up being a good transfer. we have great investigators right now and they have so much potential! being a missionary isn’t easy… i never thought it would be though. the good part is that already i hate and love these trials so much. for every trial i can remember a scripture or experience that helped me get through it. this is what it’s all about. i feel lucky to be here and i know i’m exactly where i am supposed to be. (except for the fact that it’s a little awkward that the woman on the computer next to me is on facebook and let’s just say she doesn’t leave much to the imagination with her pictures, but moving on...) keep doing your thing in the u.s. of a and i’ll keep doing my thing here and hopefully we will all be closer to our Savior and feel His love more and more everyday.  we are all children of God which is pretty dang legit. and because our Savior died for us… what have we done to show our gratitude? that’s what i’ve realized... there’s always something MORE we can do. :)

ya... somehow, I still have a lot of stuff:/
sister fald.

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  1. I am so happy you are doing so well there Ashley and having fun and enjoying your mission...keep up all your good deeds...Carol