Monday, November 25, 2013

sim, nas aguas November 25, 2013

Santa Maria, Brazil... I love you!
zone leader invites us to have a little picnic last p day… alright I’m in!(more details below)
this week we had district prayer at 10 am and 10 pm every day via conference call… prayers of only gratitude. it was pretty legit. happy thanksgiving amercia!
i’m so glad i’m not an elder. grateful for elders… yes. but let’s be real, skirts are WAY more comfortable on hot days!!
still walkin... in case you were wondering:)
Here we are: sis m & sis a@ santa maria overlook!
this week i more or less got shocked by an electric fence (via umbrella) so that was cool. 
door knocking/clapping on hot hot daysL
sometimes brazil hates me!  i have to pay 120 reis for my package. stoppppp. 
it’s one thing having to cut investigators… it’s another thing when they cut you. feeling like everyone hates usssss. 

irma andreius has byutv & carpet... two thumbs wayyyy up
my tan lines. 
i think i ate sardines this week. 
forgot my name tag one day. we all do it sometimes right? (don’t worry, we returned home 
   and i put it on.)

just got done with some lunch out at the farm
a baptism this week!! thursday adriana becomes a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of 
   Latter-day Saints!
held first english class!! it’s quite interesting, considering sister clay and i have only been here
   for less than 3 months. 
english class is in session!
please meet your teachers... sister faldmo & sister mora
noite familiars!! (family nights)… treats, games and the good ol gospel message. and BAPTISMS!! see below.
investigators that KEEP COMMITMENTS! IT’S A MIRACLE!!
walking to lunch an hour away when suddenly a car pulls over and pushes open the passenger door. I LOVE MEMBERS!
downtown... centro decorated for Christmas. Brazilian style
p day-- the hike:
ok, so this elder explained that in their area there’s this really pretty view of the city and we could have a zone picnic there. ok cool. so we start walking to their area and quickly i notice how grateful i am for camobi. their area is ALL uphill, i swear!! and we aren’t even there yet! we’re just in their area walking!! oh my goodness. then,  30-40 minutes later we finally get to this view… and there’s still 135 steeeep stairs! so that’s cool. so glad i was so excited to wear jeans. should have stuck with my basketball shorts. i can look cute every other day of the week. i only have like 10 stairs more. so i decide to run the rest of the stairs. all the rest of my zone is in sight watching. i start... and i trip and FALL in front of everyone. happy p day sister faldmo! needless to say… today’s pday will NOT be as adventurous. 
the stairs that hate me

sim, nas aguas is the title of my post today because this was the response of one of our investigators when i asked her if she wanted to get baptized!! ("yes, in the waters") this was during an fhe tuesday night with the cute neighbors that we teach together, at a member’s home. we started the lesson on prayer and all of a sudden she told us how she, her sister, and her brother had been reading the book of mormon together every day and how this had completely changed everything. there was more love in their home and they were happier. i really was speechless when this happened and was holding back tears. this is the same girl that we’ve only taught once because she said she didn’t believe in the book of mormon.  she’s 16, her younger sister is 12, and their brother is 10… and i never could tell if they seriously were reading when they said they were or if they were just trying to make us happy. but they are! and they are feeling the spirit because of it!! but just to make my life a little more complicated, before our fhe they told us that they were moving… tomorrow… out of our area! L so we were good little missionaries and gave this reference to the elders in their new area. i’m just happy to know i could plant this seed.
noite familiar turca
ALSO we have adriana... goodness i can’t talk enough about her.  we’ve only been teaching her about 4 weeks. but… this week after a noite familiar when we were all saying goodbye she got everyone’s attention, thanked us for everything, and asked the member whose house we were in to baptize her on the date we had asked her to think about!!! this thursday (thanksgiving day in the states) she will be baptized! she prayed about it, she’s kept all her commitments, and she wants this for her life. 
adriana above with sis mora & me
  adriana and her mother and the members whose home we are in 

 Things are good... thank you so much for all of your letters, packages & support!
 i felt lucky lucky lucky blessed blessed blessed this week to be here with these special people. i know it’s hard to keep commitments and obey commandments but when we do, we are blessed and our lives change and improve for the better. i don’t think i can say anything more or better than these stories. 
i'm on top of the world
com amor, 
sister faldmo

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