Monday, December 2, 2013

the comobi ward rocks!!! December 2, 2013

we made cake for adriana’s baptism this week and it was a hit! who knew?? apparently im learning more than the gospel here in brazil. 

my first real blister that hurts EVERY day L #lookmomimarealmissionary
we wanted to order a pizza to celebrate thanksgiving... but we are all way broke (food and everyday items money on the 1st and 15th of every month.  but “GOOD” and lucky that this ward rocks and we had lunch at the house of a very good cook :)

when youre studying at 8am and it’s soooo hot so you go to open the window... but its already open. 
when an investigator you used to teach is hiding from you when you’re teaching his mom and sister... he’s 14. am i that scary? 
every week i have a little paper in my planner that i write down events of the week that i want to tell everyone about. this week we went to teach at this house and they weren’t home so i opened my planner to see who else we had in that area... and this paper flew out of my planner and through their gate and into their driveway. so…. i took down this branch from a tree to reach my important paper but then i noticed i looked like i was breaking in and decided i would sacrifice it for the sake of my reputation and possible brazilian jail time. 
the fact that im teaching english when i don’t really know portuguese. HA! 

baptism!!! of adriana. details below*
lidia (baptism from a few weeks ago) gave us treats from argentina after church last week.  

sometimes i forget that the church and missionaries have their own language. my bad! whenever i talk about investigators… this means someone that we are teaching. they are investigating the gospel and trying to learn more about the church. a convert is someone who has already been baptized. we also make contacts every day... talking to people on the street, knocking/clapping doors, etc, and sharing a very special message about Jesus Christ, our families, our purpose here on the earth… etc. sooo, with that said:

the big news is this week was the baptism of adriana! we have only been teaching adriana for three weeks. she was a reference from a member in another ward. her nephew is a member and served a mission, even went to byu! after he was baptized his dad more or less disowned him, i think.  adriana took care of him. she really was prepared for the gospel. she is verrrry educated, has doctorates (mom how do you spell it? ahh) and stuff. she is very accomplished professionally here at UFSM, the university in camobi. she also was a member of the catholic church. she even represented the catholic church at the university. but she has always had questions that her church couldn't answer. i’m so grateful we received her as a reference so we could show her the answers the restored gospel has. she understood everything very well and kept all of her commitments we asked her to do (read the pamphlets, pray about our message, read from the book of mormon, go to church, etc.) because of all of this we were able to see her enter the waters of baptism after only three weeks.  as members, i know every week we can renew our baptismal covenants when we take the sacrament each week, but i wish i could feel what she felt every week when i do this. this is my new goal. she has truly repented of everything and now, after her baptism, she has a new life, completely clean. she feels the difference now that she has the Holy Ghost as her constant companion. it was a very emotional day for her. she’s so grateful for this church that has the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and she is already enjoying the happiness of baptism. also, she is excited to help others- her family and friends, have this happiness too. she had family and students of hers there thursday at her baptism and on sunday at church as well! it’s one thing to witness a baptism, but it’s even better when you see this change and the happiness and the light that people have because of their baptism. it’s amazing what two young adults can do when they are teaching with the Spirit as representatives of Jesus Christ.  

also… the camobi ward ROCKS! the baptismal service was fullll of members, many who in 3 short weeks have become GOOD friends with adriana and some who didn’t know her but wanted to support her. there was special musical numbers and amazing talks. love love love love. i never want to leave. but...

transfers are next week.  i don’t think much will change in camobi but who knows?? word on the street is there will be a ton of new sister missionaries so maybe they will need to change everything around because that means they will need a ton of new trainers?

this week was realllll good. there is so much work to do here! so many people waiting for the gospel! so many members that want to help! i hope you are all apart of either group cause i loveeeee you and EVERYONE deserves this happiness. 

te amo!! 

sister fald. 

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