Monday, December 9, 2013

natal in camobi! december 9, 2013

making brownies and comparing it to the gospel of Jesus Christ. we know how to make our cake and eat it tooJ... is that the phrase? i don’t know. we’re just creative with our teaching for our own goodJ
sister mora & i are still companions

i was saying how SORTE (lucky) we are to an investigator and she heard FORTE (strong) and she said yeah you girls are very strong! she probably thinks i think i’m a big deal. nooooo. 
missing byu basketball #gocougs #stilllovecharles
a member of the ward here asked what happened to my hair. apparently he doesn’t like my missionary melt.... 
no one likes us between the hours of 1-4. i’m getting more and more jealous of the missionaries with facebook because it is soooo hard to teach during this time. 
it is SO HOT!


my companion’s family is moving to utah for her dad to study at byu, so she’s trying to learn english. so we practice reading in english and everytime she comes to the word because she sings “because” like rihanna does in umbrella. (BECAUSE when the sun shines we shine together....)
we made a birthday cake for an elder in our district... but didn’t have a knife to cut it. so some elders left the chapel and went to a neighbor’s aka stranger and borrowed one. alright. that works. 
this is really what i look like in the morning... do we make a lot of cakes? it was sister gomes' bday
NOT TRANSFERRED! staying here for the next six weeks! which means NATAL with my family here in camobi :)
my last companion (sister jackman) is a leader now so one night i had to call her... we ended up talking for a long time, just catching up. i felt like a normal girl for a second. 
adriana's baptism was an awesome day... sorry this pic is late.

this week was realllly chill. teaching, eating, laughing, dying of heat. all in a day’s work. we’re working with and teaching a new family and we possibly be baptized during this transfer. this work is good. i am SORTE aka lucky to be here. i’m happy. i’m healthy... i thinkJ my hair is dying in this heat but we will get over that. i’m also trying to make our apartment look like christmas but with my limited time and money we’re struggling. christmas is in our hearts that’s what matters… right?!

also... the references are rolling here and i LOVE it! i hope it’s the same way at home. all the members of a ward need to help the missionaries... do you hear me?! :) alright. 

love you alllll.

sister faldmo
it might not look like much... but this cake was a HUGE hit at adriana's baptism
these are a few of adriana's supporters
sister mora, me & adriana's mother
adriana & a friend on her baptism day

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