Monday, December 23, 2013

short and sweet.... (family chat in 2 DAYS!!!!) december 23, 2013

special zone conference with three zones for natal!!!
Things we did after zone conference
                          told santa what we wanted                               took pictures in front of the downtown tree

this works....
         sister mora and i saw our old companions 

some would call this sucking up... i believe photo op would be the right term
me & sister parella

                   camobi sisters at zone conference              

                          provo district reunion                                           elder from ctm
biffing it in front of the other sisters’ investigator... i was trying to be reallly friendly hoping she would want to come to church with us and what not, but in the talking/walking process wasn’t paying attention and the good standard sidewalk here changed on me and... well, leave it to your imagination:/

jantar (dinner) with the ward for a christmas activity-- SO MUCH MEAT!!
false addresses-- were not dumb. when you hesitate for 2 minutes to think of your name, we get it… we know. 
we were like the only ones who didn’t have a talent for the zone talent show:/
the poor office elder had to retrieve my christmas package for me and he said he could barely haul it from the office. i had to make him a treat in return. 

sioux city christmas... represent!!
        christmas box has arrived...                          
   oh my...  santa???
helping teach the young women yesterday #besthouroftheweek
SISTER PARRELLA LET US HAVE ICE CREAM FOR NATAL!! #missaobrasilsantamariaprobs
leite condensado aka sweeten condensed milk. try it on brownies... why do we not use this on everything in america too?!

wait… what??? natal is in two days? it’s beeeeping hot here and there’s no christmas lights so i’m refusing to believe it… but i’ll accept the fact that i get to talk to my fam fam in two days yes please and thank you!!! tudo bem here in camobi. this week our numbers were little but our hearts and hopes are big,  right?? we have a couple people really progressing and think we will be having a baptism real soon :) i hope and pray they are really ready.  although it’s natal, to be honest i don’t really feel like people are more open to our message but it’s all good. i’m happier because we have lots planned for the next couple days and i’m excited for it all. 

in our messages with members this week (that we give after lunch) we have been talking a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ because in the spirit of natal-- what really is the purpose of it all? the birth of Jesus Christ, but the most important purpose of His life and mission was the Atonement. the plan of salvation, repentance for sins, everything that is realllly vital is possible because of the Atonement. i’m so grateful. 

anyways. i love you all lots and miss you all MUITO k?
have a holly jolly christmas/natal and drink some hot cocoa for me please. 

the church is true peeps and i love telling todo mundo about it. 

xoxo com amor- ash aka sister faldmo
                                 in bloom for natal

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