Monday, December 16, 2013

papa noel is coming to townnnnn!!!! December 16, 2013

it’s kinda awkward when i don’t have a lot to put in this section... 
i got a hair cut
a great english class this week:)

my portuguese isn’t quite up to par yet... i.e. we sat down to teach a less active member and panicked because we hadn’t planned our lesson because teaching him was like plan G on our schedule but plans A-F fell through. sister mora asked me to give the message. it was a simple message on faith but i couldn’t find the scripture i wanted so we started reading a bunch of random scriptures in the right chapter until it sounded like the right one... and it still wasn’t. i just hope the spirit was there.. 
almost started the apartment on fire after getting rid of paperwork.
missionaries who gave us sheets of progressing investigators and only wrote their name and age. no address. not sure how we will be able to contact them but thanks elders!!
eternal lunches. 
mother's note:  not sure why eternal lunches is on the bad list???
speaking of lunches literally 3 minutes after we left lunch friday it started POURING. i didn’t have my umbrella so sister clay shared with me. but then the wind started to blow so hard and there was no hiding. finally i gave up and starting running down the street to the next members house. oh yeah and then found our window in our apartment  open where we study because the morning was SO HOT!! great…

went to teach an investigator... long story short, they’re getting a divorce. it was an awkward convo with her ex fosho.
the drunk uncle always appears during our lessons. this last time during the prayer when she said she was grateful for the lesson and what they learned drunk uncle pipes in (during the prayer) “i just got here! i didn’t learn anything!” oh my... 
sitting next to an elder at the christmas devotional. but seriously… this so awkward. 
sometimes when people speak portuguese i’m just amazed they can talk that fast. its incredible! 
one of our less actives/recent converts (yes sadly he is both) won’t pray… he wants us to pray but he won’t do it... but he says any other person can. one day his excuse was that he’s not praying until after the new year. another excuse…he can’t remember how, but he won’t let us teach him. after waiting for him and saying i wasn’t praying until the new year too… finally after like 5 minutes… i just said the prayer and asked for some choice blessing for him, like him remembering how to pray. 

we saw victoria!  remember our investigator from the family night story where they surprised us and said they were all reading the book of mormon together and almost finished... but they were moving the next day. well… now she has finished it! however, an awkward part of all of this is we sent the elders to her new pink house so they could teach her... they tried to find her twice on hot hot days and apparently it’s reallllly far away for them to walk. well, turns out her house is white... oops. SorryL
giving tours of our chapel. i gave my first one this week and the spirit was SO strong. 
sister training leaders came to visit…  awesome because they are conveniently my last companion and sister mora’s last companion. 
finally having plans and know what we are doing for christmas and christmas eve. 
on our way to christmas devotional
every time people talked about christmas this week i got a little depressed. everyone has their families and we’re just alone here. we didn’t know where we would go or what we would do. i figured a nice long nap on christmas could be good… maybe we could bake some goodies? but then all a sudden we got invites and had options and then we had ideas better than family dinners and selfish things... like caroling at the hospital and visiting members that also don’t have family here. i think we can make christmas really great here… and the members that we will spend christmas with are really like our family here. they take care of us and i’m so grateful for them. (once again-- take care of the missionaries everyone!!)
how's this for festive???
myself and the three missionaries in my apartment have been having fun preparing a secret santa for our zone conference, the talent show (i have NOTHING to do. my best option right now is a yoyo trick that a recent convert who is 11 taught me.), and dreaming about sweets. but, i’ve figured out that everything on the mission is what you make of it. sure... im realllly sad i will be away from family and 40 minutes is not enough to talk to them but i can use this christmas to really be doing what Christ would be doing… and that’s exactly what i need to be doing as a representative of Jesus Christ and His church. 

i love you all and hope you all have a great christmas. do something extra for someone who needs it more… i promise it will make you feel happier than the material things that will end up in the trash or at the goodwill one day. 

xoxo, sister faldmo. 

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