Monday, April 21, 2014

april 21, 2014... feliz pascoa gente

transfersssss. always a fun change. even though my new companion was the only change to the district 
my new companion sister danielle sousa silva from sao paulo, brazil
little primary children full of chocolate and sharing with the beloved missionaries 
gifts for the primary from the relief society
we started a mini ctm in the ward and are helping train the members on how to share the gospel with their friends and be member missionaries, we are also helping them to feel more comfortable when they teach with us. i got to prepare the first training for the mini ctm about our purpose as missionaries and for them… member missionaires. we only had the youth who attended, but it was still way fun! yay missionary work! 
homegirl aka my new companion took a few trips to the hospital this week... long story short she choked, threw up, had problems breathing, went to the hospital, and then after…  had more problems with a shot they gave her. needless to say, i will NOT be returning to a brazilian hospital ever again in my lifetime. 
when investigators lie to you on the phone, then later to your companion, then later to a member about the fact that they are on their way to church and no they don’t need a ride because they are almost there… #WHATTHEHECK
i think this week i’ll be helping someone paint their house. cross your fingers people. 
the fact that i’m emailing right now is a miracle. today is a holiday and everything is closed but our mission president wouldn’t switch our p-day but since we are bffs with the lady that owns this lan house aka cyber cafe she opened up JUST FOR US!!! 

This week our district did a whole family home evening for a family where the mom is an active member of the church but her husband is not a member.  he has been taught the gospel for years by the missionaries but never got baptized.  he had a baptism date set but sadly, it fell through. it was his birthday on this particular night that we did the whole family home evening and he has been having a rough time lately… so we sang hymns for him, played games with he and his family and shared a short gospel message. .. and obviously had cake (as you can tell by our faces) & his little boys are the cutest things on the earth!
                                  FHE this week
he's addicted to brownie batter
love their little boys:)

sorry to be lame… but i don’t have lots more than this to tell y’all. i spent a lot of time at the hospital and tried to bring my new companion back to health. life is good. we’re going to get to work here in santiago this next week. hope easter was good for you all and you remembered what it’s all about :)

xoxo ash aka sister faldmo 

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