Monday, April 28, 2014

april 28, 2014 Y A Y

lovin my new comp. shes sassy. 
here we are!!!!
remembering to be grateful even in the rain like president uchtdorf said (when you see the bad)…and then seeing the rainbows after #blessings
one of the elders found PRINGLES!!! now, tell me that isn't good:)
getting caught in the rain. #notromanticasamissionary
found some less active members along that way that borrowed us these jackets... see the blessing?
the fact that most of friends are in the stores or the post office 
this week we went to the post office to mail a reimbursement and they all were like “you got a package you got a package!!” and i told them “no, its okay i can wait until elder comes to pick up all the mail.” but they insisted that it would be real quick and they would get it for me... obviously i had to accept. (yay for brazil post.. delivering my birthday presents now)
having investigators at church!!!
blessing from out of nowhere... like unplanned lessons with members present… Heavenly Father truly loves us. :) #miracles
super spiritual lessons that make me realize how grateful i am that i grew up in the gospel and the examples i have in my life 
packages!!! #sorrytobematerialistic  but PEANUT BUTTER in the packages! 
hanging at janianas... her mom was visiting. 
the funny thing is janiana is a member here, but we met her mom another city when we had a zone meeting. she called us out in the road and started talking to us and told us where her daughter lived haha. they are a really fun family! 

this week was great! things are lookin’ up here in santiago. i’m learning to be happy and grateful no matter what comes my way and i feel like the Lord is blessing us for our desire and hard work. it’s so exciting to have progressing investigators again! pauloma is my new favorite person. she’s 15 and has had it rough but she always reads what we leave her and she will mark the parts she didn’t understand.
mara, sister silva, me & pauloma
and mara's kids... :)
and me trying to tame mara's kids for the pic:)
i know that this gospel can change her life and i want so badly to help her! the more i teach others, the more i learn about myself…the person i want to be and i notice more and more the blessings i have that i’ve take for granted. 

the streets we walk of santiago, brasil!!!
but that’s all folks. i love you all. remember to be grateful always k? it really makes life better. 

xoxoxo sister faldmo

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