Monday, April 7, 2014

april 7, 2014 conference weekend... aka better than the superbowl

●although some families don't always make it to church, they are kind and feed us well.
this is just one of those nice families i am working with to bring back to church
●i forgot about april fools… and likewise got punkd (see below)
●last week of the mish for my companion. my first time killing a companion (as missionaries sometimes say). she is struggling with her mission coming to an end.  i wish i knew better how to help her.
sister pereyra and me with an elder from our district
●i’m planning future coupling of all of my friends with elders and members here... watch out for when i get home. 
●conference! personal favorite was elder holland’s talk. 
my whole santiago district after general conference

so sorry......... this email is so short but the reality is that this week we just taught and taught and no one came to church. that’s my life.  i don’t know what i’m doing wrong but we aren’t seeing results. no one went to conference. there is always an excuse, but never one worth missing an opportunity to hear the prophet and apostles speak!  idk why it is so hard for people to keep commitments. thank heaven’s I was able to listen to conference.  I really needed it!

one funny/ bad thing happened on april fools. our zone leader was visiting for district meeting and he totally punked us all. he explained that our mission president decided to plan transfers early because he’s going out of town and so he had come to tell us about transfers. i freaked out and told him i didn’t want to know it was two weeks early! but at the same time (secretly) i was curious. so then he gave us the lowdown and it was kinda hilarious how perfect things were. and for some if they weren’t perfect they were hilariously imperfect. one elder left and was basically crying. then our zone leader came back in the room a couple of minutes later and wrote “happy april fools” on the board. of course, everyone freaked out even more. but it was pretty hilarious. 

and then someone gets squirted with water after district meeting... this is war
so that’s all i really have for now folks. life is good. transfers are around the corner and i have no clue what will happen. but i know for sure i’ll get a new companion haha. sorry this letter is super lame. write me letters and stuff k? just know that i am trying, working and praying for those I teach here in santiago, brasil. love you all and always know… i love the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

xoxox sister faldmo

meet a mini sister faldmo... love this little gal

just cruisin home through downtown santiago, brasil

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