Monday, March 31, 2014

march 31, 2014 milagres en santiago!

Mom editor's note: another "milagre" is that the pictures from last week that didn't come with last week's email randomly showed up in an email that came much later... so here they are:)
this is me with the people that i dominated in brazilian style dodgeball:)                        other pday games
this birthday cd makes me sooooo happy! i love you all:)
the woman that feeds us ALL.
sister pereyra & i just walkin and hangin with the cows of santiago

    getting ready for a brazilian birthday party:)


used some artsy skill to teach the plan of salvation:)

●we are teaching a great family that is a referral from a member. the mom of this family we are teaching literally takes care of everyone-- her kids, her grandkids, her neighbors, this couple with mental problems. i love her so much. oh yeah. and us. she takes care of us. they are always giving us treats, so obviously i love teaching them. she works a ton too. hopefully next week they will be at church! or watching conference with us i mean! even betterJ
all of our investigators flaking out on coming to church :( 
my companion accidentally erased all of my pictures on my camera, including the ones i was going to share with you this week:/
............ aaa… aaa… i know there’s something. there always is, i just can’t think of itJ
baptism of the cutest two 8 year olds girls—melane & gabriella 
a visit from the sister training leaders

ok. so i feel like i don’t really have much to say about this week as you can see. but… some really cool things did happen this week. 
first of all saturday was the baptism of the cutest two little girls. they both have interesting stories. melane is from a family we helped to reactivate (bring back to church) and her baptism was a couple months before her 9th birthday. She’s the cutest and i love her family. everyone in gabriella’s family are members but her parents are separated and no one goes to church except for her and one of her brothers. they go to their grandparents' house every saturday and stay the night so they can go to church on sunday. she has been waiting five months to get baptized! our bishop said that usually at baptisms it’s the missionaries and members who are happiest and the newly baptized member is just trying to soak it all in but in this situation these young girls getting baptized were definitely the happiest in the room. they were just so excited and ready. 

then came sunday. i was so sure we would have 4 of our investigators at church that we had been teaching and i was so excited. then on sunday morning things fell apart. no one would be going to church. we wouldn’t have anyone at church. i was so sad. i felt so good about our work and teaching over the past few weeks and didn’t understand why we weren’t seeing results. why couldn’t at least one person we were teaching go to church? just one???
then.... we saw miracles. 
the first two hours before church we waited at the door… greeting people thinking something would change and one of them would come. then. the miracle. a less active member of our ward, who i’ve never seen in my life showed up with his girlfriend and daughter… who live in sister pereyra & my area! they were there for sacrament meeting and we got their address and will visit them this week! then right before things were about to start a part member family showed up with their dad that we have been teaching! he has never came to church just for the sake of coming to church. no special event… he just came. i was sooooo happy and felt so bad that i was so upset earlier when everyone told us they weren’t  coming. the Lord is taking care of us and those that are seeking.
the only picture left on my memory card from this week:( me & sister pereyra on the streets of santiago, brasil today!

if you just read this sentence you best be watching general conference this weekend. I AM SO EXCITED! thomas s monson for the win!!  all of us on this planet have a living prophet! unfortunately, only a few know it! 

i love you all. 
sister faldmo

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