Monday, March 17, 2014

march 17, 2014 hawaii in brazil, christmas in march

our activity this week-- a trip to hawaii, including live music, so you all know i was in heaven. oh and ps… they played wonderwall. 
welcome to hawaii-- in santaigo, brasil:)
 electric beach fire
someone has to be the photographer... missionaries & ward memebers
 hawaiian entertainment, brazilian style:)
guitars & surfboards
zone meetings aka a trip to another city!! 
and here we all are:)
this week we worked in our new area aka part of our old area which also means having to surrender our investigators to the elders 
oops! we missed our bus home from zone meeting and had to wait another 4 and a ½ hours:/
                 elder wants a pic       roommates & companions: williams, pereyra, marinho, faldmo
when sister marinho (roommate) comes into our room and asks me if i “know anyone serving in a war?” ahhh, no.... why? “i’m reading the part in the book of mormon about wars and it’s just really interesting and i want to write someone serving in a war.” ........ hmmmmm
my christmas tree arrived and our house/apartment is celebrating christmas in march! thanks gma julesJ
i’m sorry to always talk about ice cream but...  i got my companion addicted and we seriously have an ice cream cone almost everyday! 
preparing a talk for church and not having to give it! 5 points for me!

i feel really lame because i really don’t have much to report this week. if i’m being honest… it was a rough one. figuring out our new area and investigators and having to give the other missionaries your old investigators is hard!! i ask the elders every night who they visited and what they taught. but... it’s not important who teaches them, just that they are taught and have the opportunity to be baptized... then i’ll just see them every week in church :)
highlights of this week-
visiting a reference from a member at church. she loved us and started telling all of her neighbors who passed by to come listen to the “word” :) 5 new investigators thank you very much.
a bomb of a family night last night with a less active family and the elders. topic: the atonement. never can teach it enough. never can learn about it enough.

tonight we’re doing another family night with my favorite less active family and i’m making a map to have them find puzzle pieces that will make a temple... every piece is a part of the preparation for going to the temple. it’s something they want-- to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. i love them lots and hope it works out!
this week was kinda tough… we didn’t teach as much as i would have liked and i have to get excited all over again about the this “new” area and new investigators because we have to make it successful!!! it’s sister pereyra's (my companion) last transfer and she can’t go out and leave her mission like this. today she got her flight itinerary to go home and she started crying, poor thing. she’s my first companion that’ll “die” with me (finish her mission) but, not until the last day :)

welp. that’s about all. i love you like a love song and hope all is well in ‘merica.

lots of love from rio grande do sul.
xoxo sister faldmo

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