Monday, March 10, 2014

march 10, 2014 surrrrppprrrissssseeeee!!!!

sister williams is here! together again. #mtcdistrictforlife
cake for breakfast. i do what i want. 
lessons that have a JW there that you didnt know about. thus after about 2 minutes he starts attacking us. awesome. WE BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE PEOPLE!!
i miss sonic so much. and corn dogs.

christmas and valentines day cards and presents the week of your birthday... #ithinkiminbrazil
thinking you already had transfers... and then president calls *details below
when sister shumway wishes you a happy bday on the wrong day and you don’t know if you should let her down easy or just leave it. of course i called her out :)

surprise parties. *details below

bday week what uppppp??? i was totally ready for a chill b-day but that never happens. and im not sure who told everyone here that i love surprises but i have to say.. they did it better than you all... jk i love you. i was thinking about my past b-days. 18- dc and new york with meus pais and bff. 19- freshmen year, friends tried to throw a surprise party but then bryn straight up told me everyone was waiting to surprise me—lol. 20- charles abouo. ok that one doesn’t need a description. 21- 20 people were shoved into a bathroom waiting for me… never will forget that one. and 22...

district meeting tuesday. had my interview with my dl. he said this week i had to interview him. i didn’t really understand but he’s weird so i just went with it. then i went to go get my companion for the next interview but he said he and his companion wanted to show me something, so we went into the next room and all of the district was waiting for me with a cake and starting singing to me. i seriously was SO surprised. better yet, it was all the elders, my companions didn’t know anything!! then elder dias is super talented and everyone knows that i love tswift and that I was super sad about not blasting 22 so he drew me a little thing with his drawing of taylor and said “i don’t know about you... i’m feeling 22” and they all signed it. 
                                                                  bless their hearts.... :)
then my bday came and went thursday… nothing too special. lunch fell through but i was secretly happy to cook something i wanted. and I bought coca cola… oopsJ
then saturday we had our day planned out but then the sisters said we had a family night we had to go to. i didn’t understand because we hadn’t planned it with our investigators so i didn’t know who we would bring and it was at a way inconvenient time and place. i was kinda bugged but just went with it and knew something was kinda weird but didn’t want to suspect anything and then be wrong so i detested a bit but then gave in. we got to the members house and lots of ward members were there waiting her us and it was a surprise party! 
it was the cutest thing ever. it was sister williams b-day too the next day so we celebrated together. the cake was super yummy and they even gave us gifts! 
this is suzere and margot. they are the cutest friends ever. they got baptized around the same time and both of them have become inactive once or twice since then, but the other one always helps bring her friend back :) this past transfer we helped bring  margot back to church.
 i love them both of them soooo much!
suzere's daughter maria
it was maria's birthday too!!!!
sister williams, me, suzere & her husband
suzere's parents, me & sister williams
i was overwhelmed with the kindness of people that i have only known for 6 weeks… but, yet again i’ve found a another family here in my new area of brazil. i don’t know why, but Heavenly Father has always blessed me with the best people in my life and i have always felt so loved. 
                              all of my favorite people in santiago together for the surprise:)
                                                    i made these bows for little maria:)
another birthday year for the books! 

also random fact, on my b-day, president called to tell us that the other sisters were going to start serving on the other side of town in the branch starting sunday and two of the elders in our ward. alrighty. he always keeps us on our toes! having lunch with elders was and is super weird but we will get used to it. i’m soooooo glad we got to stay in our ward though :)

welp. thats all folks. talk to you later!
santiago... land of the poets:)

xoxo sister faldmo

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