Monday, March 3, 2014

march 3, 2014 carnival

In akasisterfaldmo's honor... let's start out with something awesome, here's "22" for Ashley, hopefully arriving in Santiago, Brazil on DVD on her birthday March 6:)  Shout out to Elizabeth Hemmingsen that always can work her magic! Click the link vimeo link below:

cutest thing ever when the little kids call us “tia”… aka aunt
funny story...this little girl in the picture was on my team at the avengers activity. she came and sat by me and asked why i talked different then everyone? i told her i am not from here. she asked where i was from. i said the united states. she asked if everyone there talks how i talk. i said in the united states we speak english. she asked if even my family spoke english. i said yes. then she told me she realllly really wants to talk like i talk. i told her.. no she doesn't. no one understands me :) 
bano na rua. duas vezes!!! i need to start carrying an umbrella.
the trio is splitting up #transfers
a dog followed us for 45 MINUTES! all the way home. it was way weird and awk at first but then it was way cute. he was the first random dog i’ve liked in brazil and i wanted to adopt him. he was watching over us! then, like two days after a whole gang of dogs started following us. THAT was totally weird and creepy! 
brazilian hipsters
my christmas tree/decorations arrived...... #thecorreioshateamericans
2.50 ice cream on the streets all day err day. 
when the sister training leaders come and treat us to ice cream at the ice cream palor. #whydoeseverythinggoodincludeicecream
our sister training leader
an activity centered around the avengers that the elders put on. not gonna lie, i was kinda impressed and it was really fun
a good testimony meeting in church sunday 
sister williams from my provo mtc district got transferred to santiago and we will be roommates!! yay for friends and not being the only american anymore!

so this week is carnival which just means bad things and the city is dead because everyone is partying or hung over or they are hiding haha. all of the youth of basically our whole santa maria mission are at youth conference aka efy/aka called fsy now in camobi. i’m super jealous… i want to go! but it’s way cool because the division between the things of the Lord and the things of the world is SO clear. also, yesterday lots of the youth in our wards had parents who bore testimony during fast and testimony meeting about how grateful they were that they had the safety that comes from the gospel and they know that their kids couldn’t be in any greater place then with other youth of the church during this scary week. 

this was the last week of transfers and sadly josiani was not baptized. 
still teaching josiani (2nd from right)... had a family home evening with her this week
we worked a lot with less active members here and i wasn’t quite sure what we had to show for it and was a little discouraged, but it’s the Lord’s time is not ours and he came through :) yesterday, at church FINALLY a less active family we have been working with all month showed up. they all are baptized members except the youngest child who wants to be baptized. the parents and all 4 of their kids came to church yesterday! i really needed that pick me up, to remember that i am never doing anything in vain here as long as i am working. and again i was able to remember a part of the happiness God feels when we do what is right! i was so so so happy to see them at church, the girls were even dressed in a skirt and boys in a white shirt and tie! it took a little more encouragement, more than others, but it was all so worth it! one of my companions literally screamed with joy when i told them they were there. this is why i love being a missionary!!!
just a day in the life in #santiagobrasil with my companions

anyways. got to go. this week i will be missing you all and taylor swift but it’s okay. i know i need to be here doing my thing. we will just throw a party next year and awkwardly blast 22 and act like we didn’t have march 6 this year. thanks for all the kind emails. i loveeeee you. 

xoxo sister faldmo

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