Monday, February 24, 2014

february 24, 2014 everyone gets a chance

•had a little water balloon fight last p-day. i was the only one that didn’t get hit. #skills. 

•one of our investigators has THE CUTEST little girl ever. erica. shes always always smiling. 
everytime we leave her house to go home she grabs our hands and leads us out the door and tries to leave with us… then cries when her mom takes her away.  
they call me the negotiator:)
•noticing that i’m missing all of my friends 22nd birthdays and thus, a chance to blast taylor swift frequently. NOOOOOO…. it feels like the perfect night, to dress up like hipsters...............
•lightning storms that probably should have killed us. jk i’m being dramatic but, just know that Heavenly Father takes care of his missionaries. 
•we were teaching a lesson and well, long story short the neighbor next door to where we were teaching had a friend over and the friend brought his dog and his dog ate the neighbor’s bird. yeah. the neighbor’s dad came home during our lesson and starting yelling and then crying.... everyone next door was crying and we could hear it all. this was awkward all around. 
•having a movie night at the church but we missionaries don’t watch movies, so we just serve popcorn every now and then. 
         josiani's children at the church movie night... they got there early and i entertained them:)
•personal study. my favorite hour of the day.
                                   this is my inspirational wall where i study every morning
•sacrament meeting with four year old girls. always a good time. even though all my highlighters are destroyed now :) #drawingfordays

love little maria

so um,  this week is the last of the transfer... and the month, holy cow! where did the time go? but seriously, this month/transfer (president doesn’t want us thinking in transfers, just days months etc.) went by SO FAST! and i feel like i’m just figuring it all out. this area, the members, our investigators, etc... 
buttttttt one of our investigators is planning on being baptized this saturday. Her name is josiani. she’s a gem and has totally been prepared for baptism and was already taught lots before but now, she’s really ready. gosh, i love missionaries who do all the hard part before
me :)
 josiani's little boy... soooo cute:)

no, but seriously people. whenever you share the gospel it is NEVER for nothing. you are helping someone maybe not for that moment but, you never know what will happen later. and you know what? maybe they never will accept. but isn’t it beautiful that everyone gets a chance. they may be sorry one day… just know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that the Lord’s hand is outstretched to give every single person the chance to change.  we can always improve and get better.
i know that i need to do better and make contacts and talk to every single person on the street. The Lord wants everyone to get a chance to hear about His Plan of Happiness and to hear our message.

but,  know this. i love you all. i love this work. i love the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i love my Heavenly Father. and I SPEAK PORTUGUESE! life is good. 

xoxo sister faldmo

my address: write please:)
Sister Ashley Faldmo
Caixa Postal 29 - centro 
97700 - 970
Santiago - RS

happy 1 year anniversary on the mish to elder nascimentos

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