Monday, February 3, 2014

february 3, 2014 #fastsunday

santiago, brazil welcomes the first sister missionaries... well, we like to think they do:)
our cell phone started working!!!
zone meetings--- took a little trip to Santo Ângelo. saw friends and stuff. got some good training. life is good. 
a little ice cream outing with the district. yuuuuum. 
a great visit from irma patricia from camobi... and look at this darling clutch she made me!
references from the elders. i won’t go into details... but the trust is gone. we will do our own contacting thank you hahaha.
when people don’t understand the american, the uruguayan, or the BRAZILIAN. then you know you’re in trouble. (when i asked if we could share a message the lady said—“yeah! yeah! we can be friends!... alrighty then. that works too.)
patricia and elias from camobi were visiting family here in santiago this week. they brought us food, taught with us, and made me so so happy.
fasting-- it works. 
random sheep on the side of the road... #nbd in santiago, brazil:)

    maps are our best friends for now

the details this week are few. we just did our thing... it was nice to get into the regular routine of things again. meetings with the district, zone, & ward mission leader, and of course teaching:) remember, there are three of us now.  one companion from uruguay and one from maneus, brazil. but, honestly this week wasn’t that great… we had lots of appointments fall through, it was hot, and this area is huuuugggeeee. but… i do have one story:) 
this one particular investigator that we have taught more than once and is progressing—well, we couldn’t teach her this week because of her work schedule and she couldn’t go to church. so we were out of luck and disappointed that we wouldn’t  have any investigators at church on sunday. 
so, saturday after lunch we started our fast. all of our appointments fell through after lunch and that evening and we ended up walking lotsssss. i was SO freaking thirsty… not gonna lie. like i’ve NEVER been this thirsty in my life. but. you when you’re fasting—no food or DRINK. so, i did. i have never had that hard of a time keeping my fast. we finally got home and i thought taking a shower would help. it didn’t… really. anyways. life goes on. sunday was a little better. but it was really better when we got to church and had TWO INVESTIGATORS (references from members) there and FIVE of our less actives! my fasting and prayers had been answered. It’s AFTER the trial of your faith that you receive a testimony. i had to struggle a little but the testimony and the results were definitely worth it :) 
things aren’t picture perfect here, but i think i’m seeing the miracles of this work more and more every day in santiago. i know that if we keep working we will see the “fruits of our labors” and meet our goals (the santa maria mission goal is one baptism, every month, for every missionary--the math on that… we need three).
life is good. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. It’s simple. His plan is perfect... we’re just trying to find the people with a desire to learn more and do what is right. i know that it is only through His gospel and church that we can return and live with God again. we need this truth and the COMPLETE gospel, but more importantly we need the authority and keys to administer those saving ordinances... the priesthood. i love it all! it’s flawless. 

have a good week!

com amor, sister faldmo

Sister Ashley Faldmo
Caixa Postal 29
Centro-- Santiago   RS

"toto, i don't think we're in south dakota anymore, or wait, are we?"

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