Monday, January 27, 2014

january 27, 2014 whoaaaaa... wait, this is real life!

●on Tuesday our bus didn’t leave for santiago until 2… so we had 3 hours at the rodoviara. a group of us went to SUBWAY (#merica)… and guess what? i was the only american. i feel so cool. 
saying goodbye on tuesday to my camobi fam. not easy. 
got here and the following didn’t work- washing machine, stove, oven. oh yeah and our cell phone isn’t activated. cool. thanks guys. 
took our first shower in the rain here in santiago. daaaaang it rained lots. and we didn’t have umbrellas #newcompanionbondingexperience
                yes... here we are. me and my new companions. totally DRENCHED!
our neighbor who lives underneath us has 17 cats!!!!!! 
our third lunch this past week in santiago was with a member who lives waaay far away. and we were kinda lost as we were walking. the member got worried, called the relief society president and she came looking for us hahahahha.
i loved going to the rodoviara! it’s where all the missionaries being transferred or who have companions being transferred meet up in ALL of our mission. it’s so fun to see people from old districts or zones and meet new missionaries too.  transfer day... the bus station
     running into elder edwards... #provomtcreunion
so… this may seem like a bad point but hang with me and you’ll see it’s really awesomeJwe got here in santiago on our first day and didn’t have money or food or means of making food... so we found an address in an area book of a member and just starting walking… basically hoping we could find a member who would feed us. we had been walking for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden someone yelled SISTERS!! and well, Heavenly Father, as ALWAYS, was looking out for us... it was a member. she took us home with her, fed us, and then took us to the relief society president’s house and we now have a calendar with lunch scheduled for us every day until march. :)
cutest thing ever. remember that awk lunch where the RS pres went looking for us because we were way late? ok well, i love the family that we had that lunch  with. yesterday the mom told me that her son (she has the cutest son and daughter, ages 7 and 5) said he liked all of the new sister missionaries, but he felt like with me, i am a member of his family that he already met before. it was the cutest thing ever!
you may not believe it, but… it was a little chilly these last two days and i got to wear boots and leggings :)
okay this week was crazy. remember how i was trying to play it cool and what not about opening the area or being first sister missionaries in the area? yeah, well that went out the window tuesday when i got here. we got here.. our phone wasn’t activated (and still isn’t activated), the house was a mess (thanks elders. we know who you are.), nothing worked, we didn’t know who the bishop was here, or anything!!! then, to top it off, we later found out no one knew we were coming… no one told the ward that they were getting missionaries again.
              we're heeerrrreeee... santiago. and all the stuff of three sister missionaries
 we also found out that this area was closed for a transfer and had no missionaries, so they didn’t haven’t had missionaries for 6 weeks. we literally were starting from ground zero. so we cleaned the house into Tuesday night... then wednesday we searched for addresses of members in the area books, then lived on a prayer and hoped someone would take us in :) 
almost a week later, all is well-- for the most part anywayJ. the members here are great. we already have investigators (and LOTS of less actives in this ward to work with....) and yesterday at church we had an investigator attend. another miracle really. i was pretty proud of us,  not gonna lie. so… we will see how this goes! 
this fine young man is leaving for a mission & had his farewell at church on our first sunday in santiago.
no, but really it’s cool. on one hand i feel like we have nothing, but at the same time we have everything and have already seen the blessings we have received from God here as He helps us work. and it’s all been a good bonding experience for me and my two new companions. it’s an adventure, that’s for sure! wish us luck. and pray for us lots
love you all! stay classy. over and out from #santiagobrasil
xoxo sister faldmo

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