Monday, January 13, 2014

january 13, 2014 cockroaches and sleep talking

remember the guy that said he wouldn’t pray until ano novo? Well, he kept his wordJ so after the new year he prays with us!!!!!! #dreamscometrue
we got lots of rain which means I’m not dying of heat at the moment!!! yay!
5 months on the mish... check 
 went to a brazilian baby shower
ew! ew! ew! we had a visitor this week in our bathroom. a giant cockroach!!! also bad is we were talking on the phone with our district leader when he was discovered so all of the elders heard our screaming. don’t panic…we killed it with a gallon of raid. 
so we were cut lots this week. (explanation below) we’re down four investigators now. we also now have a house we’re not allowed to visit… but a member lives there. 
i’m like 99% sure my companion get electrocuted during a storm... scary but kinda hilarious after the fact. after she said ´´i feel different.....´´ hahahhaha. 
some less actives at church wanted to hear our mission song (which if you haven’t heard it you should get on you tube and check it out… ) the video they found on youtube was of some elders with their rendition of our mission song… featuring one of our zone leaders. It’s kindaaa funny. I’ll send a snail mail letter to anyone that finds it and writes me about it:)
aaahhhh... hillary and here you are. in brasil with me:)
new year’s resolution to get rid of this word in my english vocabulary…. one of the little girls in the ward at church, she’s 7, started saying “crap”. YIKES!!!!
we were emailing today at a place with only two computers. some people came in and were awkwardly waiting but we only get one hour and the place closes at noon for lunch (dang brasil) so we kept going. then finally this lady awkwardly tried to slowly ask how long we would be because she thought we didn’t speak any portuguese. hahahhaa. she used lots of hand motions. it was great! 

this is esther and she is sooooo cute!!!
this week we went with some awesome members (first string in our ward-- if you know what i mean) to visit the new investigators we have. we scheduled for 8:00, but our new investigator thought we meant 8:00 am... oops. so, they asked us to come back in 30 minutes. in that time this first string couple took us to visit some old investigators that they remember visiting with other missionaries here and so now, we’ve just added 4 new investigators to our teaching appointments! it was AWESOME and something that we will be doing every week now!!  i highly recommend this for other missionariesJ
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN--- I TALKED IN MY SLEEP IN PORTUGUÊS!!! i don’t remember ever dreaming in português but i sleep talked so that’s basically like the same thing. and sister gomes heard it so i have proof!!!! #imarealmissionarynow

the members here are all embarrassed of my bag. i've already gotten two new ones... but i still like this one better. but no worries,  irma neide said she'll repair it for me :)

life is good. but, transfers are next week. i’m super nervous... like that my time in camobi is about to come to an end. also i know i also always talk about her but my first companion, sister jackman goes home next week... what will i do without her?! 
remember how i said this week we got cut a lot. in case you’re confused, that basically means people tell us they don’t want to be taught anymore or receive our message. usually it’s us that has to do the cutting but it’s always awkward when THEY do it. especially when we still visit them anyways because a member lives there in their home! it is sad and awkward-- but this week it was ok. at district meeting one of the elders said that some people have no real intention of learning or changing their lives, and that they really become opposition for us because they are taking our precious and limited time away from people who DO want to change, that need our help and we could be teaching. also, last sunday we fasted for some of our investigators who haven’t been progressing because we needed to know what to do and how we could help them. i think the long story short is…  Heavenly Father knows i have a hard time cutting people, especially people who i love and love teaching or i really personally want to see accept the gospel and improve their life.  so this time, Heavenly Father stepped in and did the hard part for me because i don’t have the heart to do it.
so, the good news is… even though we’ve lost some who no longer want to see us, we gained some new investigators that are searching.  more time now to devote to them, less distractions, and as always-- good hard work
over and out from the land south.
xoxoxoxo  sister ashley faldmo

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