Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, what uppppp???? January 6, 2014

ballin it up in the streets with my homies (they're like 6...)

i'm the all time pitcher of the streets of camobi
shout out to lunches at irmã patricias!! 
good weather where i'm not dying in the streets
i think everyone died new years eve because new years day we saw about 10 people the whole day!
sister clay and gomes... alone in the streets on new year's day
i started the 30 day plank challenge that isaac and sam (aka mom) sent me. my abs hate me.
a chapel in our mission caught on fire this week and was destroyed:(

new years eve at midnight i woke up to a war outside my window i swear. it was like a free for all with fireworks everywhere and some i think were just bombs.. it was cool though. 
20 minutes into the first hour of church the power went out until the final 30 minutes or so
pizza to celebrate sister gomes serving one year on the mish!
movie night/day with the young women of our ward and an investigator *details below
members in camobi >>>>>>> any other ward
president gave us two more fans in our apartment so we can sleep now!!!
i’m not sure exactly what happened this week?? it came and went so fast, but so slow at the same time… if we’re being honest. new year’s here was... interesting. it’s a big deal in brazil if i understand right. not that it’s not in the US but i’ve never minded sleeping through midnight on new year’s and what not but that didn’t happen.  and remember that one time i went to college and this semester would have been my last semester...? ooops. shout out to everyone graduating this semester! can’t say i wish i was in your placeJ
saturday we did something really fun (or at least we thought)… we needed/wanted the daughters of our recent convert rose to understand the restoration of the gospel better, and more about joseph smith and his role so we planned an activity with the young women in the ward. one of the members brought his movie projector to the church and we set things up in the bishops office (because of course it has AC yes please) to watch the joseph smith movie. we made popcorn and we were really excited about it. but the hour before it started,  i almost cried. everything was all ready when we called our investigators and one said she didn’t want to come and she didn’t want to learn more (you can imagine my reaction) and the other said her cousins were at her house (ya, they’re at her house every weekend....). then finally she said she would come if her classmate came with us to come get her (classmate is a member of the church). alright. sooooo then we called someone else to find out where her classmate was (originally when we had talked to her and her mom, she was coming) but…. come to find out she couldn’t come unless we came and personally got her. she lives on the opposite side of town as our investigator, and not to mention it was already about 430 at this time… start time of our activity and NO ONE WAS THERE! but, everything was set up and we couldn’t just leave the chapel open and go get her and what if we locked it up and any young women that were late would think the activity got cancelled or something?? we really didn’t know what to do. but then prayers were answered and ONE of the young women showed up! her brother was giving her a ride, and we asked him to take us to go get the other young women. we went fast, picked her up, then he dropped us off at the church and we went to go get our investigator. it was rough but it all worked out. .........sorry now!!!!  i’m noticing this is a kinda long story. 
stay with me
we started the movie. ate the popcorn, and after we had a little testimony meeting. come to find out, almost all of the young women didn’t want to come to the activity, and they almost didn’t, but for one reason or another they came and they stayed and they were all glad that they did. they shared their testimonies about the restoration of this gospel, that joseph smith was a prophet, and why they are happy they are members of Jesus Christ’s church. it was a success for all that came. sometimes, we have to face all of this opposition to experience the really good things. 
    all the attenders of our YW movie/popcorn night
welp gente. that’s all for now. the church of Jesus Christ is true. i love camobi. i love teaching. we’re coming in contact with new people every day that are looking for what only this gospel and this church has. it’s pretty legit not gonna lie... be jealous.

xoxo sister faldmo 

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