Monday, January 20, 2014

january 20, 2014 time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin...

into the future. i don’t know why… but that song is stuck in my head when i think about transfers. 
here we are for one last shot:/
we had chili for lunch one day.... SO GOOD
we played a joke on the sisters and said we knew where they’d be transferred... they totally bought it and both said the area we told them was an area that they had been thinking about lots this week. oops. sorry. (neither of them ended up going where we said #allinfun)
sister jackman came to camobi yesterday! we had a little surprise party for her and her companion sister robinson who started her mission her in camobi too. 
sister clay & sister jackman                         surprise!!!!
                                        use google translate if you want to know:)

      sister jackman heading back to the states:(
we were so excited to have our first lunch at adriana’s (our recent convert) and then… she totally forgot about it! hahahhaha. it was perfect. 
and then… the elders found out about our little prank and pulled it on us!!! they were totally wrong too. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround
getting stuck in pouring rain without an umbrella.

telling people you’re getting transferred... especially your converts. 
saying good-byes. 
a new area tomorrow where I know NOT a single person and am the only american sister missionary.
lidia (the first young girl I taught who was baptized) has been visiting her mom and i haven’t seen her in over a MONTH!!! i’m not kidding, it’s been sooooo sad. but her uncle came to say good-bye to sister jackman yesterday and called lidia and let me talk to her!! 
a little trick to keep us the same size for the photo op:)                 
word on the street is i have to leave camobi tomorrowL. i’m not okay with it but i’m excited for a new area and a new adventure. i think i’ve been mentally prepared to leave. i started packing even before we knew who was getting transferred… just in case. 

the weekend of transfers is always crazy. we were hoping to know Thursday, but it wasn’t until friday night when we found out. i am being transferred to santiago. (no not chile.) it’s a small town 2 or 3 hours away. i will be in a trio. we will open this area for sister missionaries. i don’t really like the phrase “open the area” because right now they have elders there, but santiago will now have more missionaries and sisters (even better for themJ)!! i will be the only american sister so it will be interesting for my portuguese… but i know i really need the opportunity to better my accent and my vocab because let’s just say having companionships that are “portuingles” and “portupanol” has made things interesting. 
these good-byes are sooo tough
leaving camobi is the worst. i love it here SOOOOOOO much. i have learned so much and the people here have become another family to me. luckily yesterday they gave me an opportunity to share my testimony at church and i tried my best to tell them how much love and respect i have for them all. it has been an honor to work with the members here. they are ALL examples to me.  but as they say-- every ward is what you make it. there are NO bad wards. so my ward in santiago will be awesomeeeee and another family to add to the tree. right? J right! 
had to teach sis         clay to do #theashley before we parted
that’s all folks. do the work. read your scriptures. help the missionaries. oh!!! ps we FINALLY got the last conference liahona with all the talks. it’s my reading material for the bus tomorrow. i’m so excited! 
also… Adriana will be sending my new address to my mom to post and the first letter i get in santiago wins a prize. i’m not even kidding. 
with lots and lots of amor, 

sister faldmo. 

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