Monday, February 17, 2014

february 17, 2014 sometimes you just have to throw your hair in a high bun and go to work!

and colder… 80s!!!

when it rains apparently that means nothing works out for us.
big areas, references, and getting lost. *see below
for a complete day… and a half, ALL of our scheduled appointments fell through. every. single. one.
getting mad at the elders when we found them in our area... only to then get lost and end up in theirs... #embarrassing
after lunch at zone conference… shoving as many people into our van as we could. 
surprise visits from president. always a good time. 
oh yeah... when president visits us and gives us a watermelon but asks us to cut it in half so he can take the other half to the elders… i take it to the kitchen but then forget everything he said and just put it in the fridge... THEN he comes to inspect our fridge and saw it and messed with me... saying i was trying to hide it because i didn’t want to share. oops!!
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zone conference and seeing friends. 
saw sister clay again for a moment at zone conference
me, my companions (sister pereyra form uruguay, sister marinho from maneus... near amazon) other missionaries from columbia & sao paulo
companions that super glue your shoes for you because they are falling apart.
it was a year ago i decided to go on a mission!!!

ok so last week we got this awesome reference... so tuesday we had district meeting, lunch, then we went to find the house of our reference. on our way, we found the elders in our area. no big deal they needed to use the bank but we acted like it was the worst thing ever and gave them a hard time. then we kept going and walked about an hour longer to the end of our area and found the reference’s street. we turned and starting walking on this semi sketchy dirt road. the house numbers were at like the #30 and we needed like 3500 so... yeah. that was a good start. so then we walked. and walked. and walked. in the sun. and along the way asked for water from strangers. and walked. then we got a little worried because we were in the middle of NOWHERE and we were pretty sure we weren’t in our area anymore. so we called our dl (district leader) and he said he would come find us. #embarrassing. so… we just kept doing our thing, which is… walking. and after more than two hours we got to a real road and later found the elders and they told us how to get back to our areas. oh yeah. and we never found the reference’s house. buttttt we talked to the member who gave us the reference and apparently she lives on the part of the road that isn’t on the map. cool. 
when you walk for miles... you become friends with the animals
but what do you do??? in other news… the jehovah witnesses keep visiting our sweet investigator. they told her she should burn the Book of Mormon we gave her. don’t worry, she stood her ground. when i heard about it, i was shocked!! i couldn’t believe a representative of a church would say something so harsh about another church... but it strengthened my testimony. this church and THAT book is a BIG part of who i am and i would do much more than sacrifice these 18 months for the truth we have. people can talk all they want, but in the end that’s not what matters. that’s why we ask EVERY PERSON WE TEACH TO PRAY about our message… someone higher needs to testify that these things are true. aka Heavenly Father and the Spirit. it’s one thing to teach but it’s another to teach with the Spirit so that those you teach have their OWN testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for them. 
but… really, i love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much. people can say whatever they want… i know it’s true. i know that there are lots of good people and lots of good churches but Christ organized ONE church... and i’m lucky. lucky. lucky. and blessed to represent HIS church and bring the truth to those that are searching for answers. 

             provo mtc reunion at zone conference...
maybe not the most exciting campus, but....

love you all.... like lots. hope your valentines’ day was good. you know it was super exciting for me here in brazil :)
xoxo sister fald

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