Monday, February 10, 2014

february 10, 2014... livin on a prayer and geladinhos

had a little bday party before district meeting this week. it made me happy because i got to make some decorations. 
                 do you recognize my work???
this week we hit the jackpot and got fed a tonnnn/people gave us food to take home. it’s the simple things that make us happy....

took a little trip to the hospital this morning with the comps. not because of me. and everyone’s fine. always an adventure. 

when we pass jehovah witnesses on the street/when they are teaching/when they go to our investigator’s houses. real awk. but awk turns to awesome when our investigators shoots them down when the jw says we don’t believe in the bible and then our investigator shows them the chapter we left IN THE BIBLE for her to read. #dowork
paid a little visit to our neighbor with 17 cats. 

a member saw us on the street one day and said we looked like we were dying and it was too hot... and said we needed ice cream. so she gave us some ice cream money and obviously that made me so sooooooo happy. we went to a ´´fancy´´ place we’ve been dying to try. 
some of the food we received was a sack full of popsicles… geladinhos--otter pop like. That’s basically been my diet the last couple days. oops.

so yeah. that’s kinda about it. I’m starting to really really love our less active members here. we have lots and we visit lots... so there’s lots to love :) many of them have strong testimonies and would be such a strength to the ward here in santiago... but unfortunately as life changes, they lost their focus on what’s important. they want to return, but i just think it’s a little scary sometimes. we have been seeing a little success and it’s so exciting to see them back and church and they really love it when they come.   why does anyone leave? i don’t understand! no just kidding i do. they all have their reasons but it’s nothing the restored gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ can’t solve. 
                                 #thedistrict :)
so. i wish i had more inspiring words but i’m all out. i think the sun has fried my brain. did i mention that they say there’s a hole in the ozone above this part of brazil or something so the sun is more intense here? yeah… well i believe it. 

stay beautiful with your a/c and heating. think of me. call me maybe,  jk WRITE me for sure. 

xoxo sister faldmo

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