Monday, March 24, 2014

march 24, 2014 vegas babbbbyyyyyy!!!!

sister pereyra & me from last week at the hawaiian party
i gave a talk in church and it wasn’t horrible.
i might have practiced my talk while teaching as a substitute in the primary ctr class with 9 year olds...
it’s getting cold (60s-80s) but i like it! 
lunch fell through for the other elders so six of us had lunch together and it was a blassttttt. 
nothing specific to say here... except my pictures won't load:(... so if that’s the only thing bad, that's actually good, right???!!!!!!
the fact that i’m pretty sure anyone who knows me well enough on the mission answers the phone with ´´what the heck´´ everytime i call. it’s mostly the brazilians. 
also… the fact that all of my district, aka my mostly brazilian district, started using phrases like “what the heck?” “oh my gosh!” etc… more than portuguese phrases. i mean… president wants everyone to learn english? J
last p-day we played a brazilian version or dodgeball… and i kinda dominated #humility
but serious. ok i didn’t win allll the time, but I definitely didn’t embarrass the family! 
awesome lessons*

nothing i say in this email matters because ISAAC IS GOING TO SERVE IN VEGAS BABY!!!!!! Literally… viva las vegas in spanish and i’m so going to visit when i get back!! (sorry dad) i’m so pumped!! watch out world, the faldmos are going to have two missionaries out! 

*yesterday we had a lesson that started crazzzzzzy but turned into something wonderful & powerful. the elders were asked to go to a member’s daughter’s house and give her a blessing. but she lives in our area and they couldn’t go alone, so we all went. shortly after we arrived, she started telling us her life story and all of her problems. she has medical problems but also is severely depressed… even thinking about killing herself. almost everyone has abandoned her and things are really hard in her life. it was soooo difficult to hear and listen to everything she was saying. when she stopped talking…there was so much i wanted to say, but at the same time i wanted so badly to say exactly what she needed to hear. i have never pleaded so strongly in my heart to have the Spirit work perfectly through me and say exactly what our Heavenly Father knew she needed to hear. we all bore testimony to her about the love our Heavenly Father and our Savior have for her and that she is never ever alone, and that our Savior knows exactly what she is going through because He felt all of her pains in the Garden of Gethsemane. I testified that if she would put all of her faith in the priesthood blessing she was about to receive, she would see miracles in her life. 
really, at the end of it, i needed the lesson more than she did i think. i needed to remember why i am here. i needed to remember that the gospel of Jesus Christ is better than any temporary medicine. i needed to remember that i can be a tool in the Lord’s hands. i needed to remember the love that God really does have for every one of us. the Spirit was so strong and all of us left with tears in our eyes and I left with a renewed need to find those searching for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

i love you all soooooo much and i’m so psyched for elder faldmo and the people in the NLV mish! wooooohoooo. 

xoxoxoxo sister faldmo aka ash

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