Monday, August 11, 2014

august 11, 2014 i am busy....

a little pday with all the missionaries in cruz alta to play volleyball, the couch game, and eat hot dogs :) ...oh and wear jeans #stillfitlikeacharm
my cruz alta district and some of the other cruz alta district on pday
i made our zone tshirts and they turned out pretty sweet. 
we spent fathers’ day with our new convert joão and his kids :) it was so great... he’s our dad here for reals and he always wants to feed us haha. 
we had dinner with joão and invited all of his kids to his baptism. the next day they stopped us on the street and asked us to teach them. they said they saw that we are normal people who like to have fun and are really happy, and they need this in their life. 
joão is next to me in this picture and my comp on the left... and his whole family!
the baptismal font was losing water soooo fast.  we filled it twice but by the time joão was baptized it was to his knees and he had to be baptized 5 times to go all the way under :( 
wait…. what??? i’m one year in?
in our district shirts for an old fashioned girls girls' slumber party
had to give a talk in church at the last minute... but i left the talk i had prepared back at the house... yep. so i used my favorite talk from general conference and just went off of it.
my comp got transferred and i’m getting a new one. all I know is her name is sister rodriguez it’s all good. 
we started a new activity ´´quartas na quadra´´ (wednesday on the court) and invited the youth to come play basketball, volleyball, etc. it was really successful for the first time. but the next time there was only one girl who came so we played volleyball and soccer then... ended up just taking silly pics haha. AND THEN we found out that our mission rule doesn’t allow us to play with sports with members haha. oops. 
one of the weird pics from "quartas na quadra" paloma (yes, another paloma:) is less active... and was our sole attender 
i tried to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan for joão’s  baptism... it was a massive fail.
joão was baptized!!!! happy happy day. and all of his family came to see. and then we found out his nephew was going to be baptized the same day in the other ward so we just did all of the baptisms together! it was really really great. 
joão is 4th from left
somehow we got in a little cake fight cleaning up after the baptism... #oops
...and i've been on the mish one year so we celebrated:)

yay joão belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! it was a crazy week. we weren’t 100% sure if everything would work out for his baptism but tuesday we had a super spiritual lesson with him and explained to him how we knew he is ready for baptism. he accepted!!! and it was great. the baptism was super super choatic because it was 4 different people being baptized that had been taught by  3 different duplas of missionaries but it all worked out in the end. haha. 
all in all it was a great week. this transfer went soooo fast. but the work is great. i guess we will now be busy teaching and baptizing all of joãos family :) haha. 
anyways. i love you all. sorry i have no time today. lots of trading pics from the transfer with other missionaries before they leave and what not. 

xoxoxo sister faldmo

i found a way to get my leg workout in...

good thing since we ate cake at a member bday party:)

Baptism Pics

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