Monday, August 25, 2014

keep calm and just read it all (sorry there's lots of words) august 25, 2014

we went to a bairro way far away called abegai... we taught 4 girls who are sisters that are all less active and all of them went to church sunday! and the oldest wants to serve a mission! wooohoo!!!
me and my companion sister rodrigues in abegai at sundown
we found a couple new investigators. we were walking back to where the member who drove us there was teaching with the elders and we passed a house... i asked my companion, “should we knock here?” she said no. they had a huge replica of the statue in rio. we kept walking. but then i just had to try. we knocked and the woman who answered let us right in. she had already been taught about our church.  yes she wanted to attend church sunday. we made plans but then some people came and visited her so she couldn't attend:(
●as always-- an interesting lunch with our velhinha fernaninha who is 93. always interestingJ 
she's 93... but she still cooks for us
had a family night with almost all of joão’s kids. and friends. we taught about the atonement, my fav. it was great. then it was even better because joão takes way too good care of us and served us ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop. 
                             if you know me... you know that i'm thrilled with ice cream for dessert 
is this family cute or what?  we love everyone in joão’s family!!

kids really just love me... what can i say?
we finally decided to be compliant missionaries and we gave our investigator carlo to the elders to teach—he does after all live in their area. he still is smoking but i hope that the elders have an approach that we don’t and he will progress and be able to kick the habit so i can witness his baptism :) the great part is that we still visit occasionally because he lives with a recent convert of the other sister missionaries, but it’s not the same :/
when none of your investigators go to church… but then you think you’re seeing a miracle happening when a man who lives in your area shows up to see how things are... he says he never visited church before... you’re all excited because miracles happen!!!!!...  but then, you look on the ward member list and he’s already baptized member. 
i think this week i taught the most lessons i’ve ever taught in my mission... maybeeee i was teaching this much in camobi but it’s been so long ago i don’t remember. for sure the most i’ve taught in the last 8 months. and every week we are teaching more and more so im excited to see how much we can teach next week. the good thing is it’s not just teaching, we really are finding new investigators and the investigators we are teaching are sharp!

this week we thought we lost thamires.. my favorite (shhh) investigator that was in the picture last week with all the girls,.. she’s in the dress. things were great and then she said “oh yeah i’m moving tomorrow.” now, technically it’s close, but still far away. like out in the country from cruz alta.  she said she will come back almost every weekend so we still made plans for her baptism. we wrote her letters and just hoped and prayed she would stay strong alone out in the country. then sunday we were going to visit her friend and we knocked and behind us we hear ´´oi feias!!´´ which means hi uglies more or less. of course it had to be her. we turned around and went running to her and gave her the biggest hugs. she still might move… but something happened with where her grandma would work so for now she’s staying :) 
another miracle... like i said, no one came to church yesterday. but in the other ward that goes to church in our same building at another time, two of our friends that are young women there brought a friend who loved church anddddd lives in our area!!!yayayayya. 

i don’t know what it is. the work is just soooo good here. almost too easy. no kidding, obviously it’s work but it’s so great. the members help us. the people understand. and the missionaries are so happy because of this :) things feel perfect! obviously, we didn’t have a baptism this week but i have a lot of hope for what’s left of my time here in cruz alta. which is hopefully a lot.  i hope that all of the people we’re teaching is because of the efforts we have given and our obedience to do what the Lord has asked.  i hope that god is blessing us and these people we’re teaching. i’m sure He is. i just feel very blessed and so loved and quite lucky to be here…  in this cruz alta area. also i’m so blessed to be in this mission in brasil, with these people, doing this work. it really is the bees knees. 
this is where i go to church each week in cruz alta
have a great week. go help the missionaries k? 

xoxo sister faldmo

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