Monday, September 1, 2014

september 1, 2014 i'm still learning...

we helped out with the radio this saturday! we went to drop something off for the other sister missionaries but they asked us to stay when they were doing the radio show. i got to man the facebook part. hence… why i added you abby. it was super hectic but super fun! i will steal the pic sister mendonça took and send it in next week’s email :)
the fact that joão always has ice cream waiting for us when we visit him.
the fact that we spent all of last pday looking for a skirt for my comp for zone conference and there was NOTHING within the price range that was missionary appropriate and cute. ughhhhhhhh. we literally went in every store cruz alta has to offer. 
so we showed up to lunch one day and they forgot so they gave us money. but we didn’t have much time so we just made a pizza. don’t ask how much we ruined the pizza…the kind you just put in the oven. it was a rough day. 
teaching drunk people
zone conference! love seeing my peeps. and had some great trainings. and we helped the sister training leaders with theirs and had to act out a little skit in front of everyone about inviting people for baptism on the first visit. 
pics from an awesome zone conference
Elder Titensor
Elder Dos Santos
Elder Miller from the Brazil CTM district

my original mtc group that started this together aug 7 2013

me and my first comp in cruz alta... sister gusmão
the spirit…  see the deets below. 
we had our first successful ward activity--lots more to come. it made me so so happy. had investigators, less actives, and members. it was super great! our ward needs lots of activity because they are not very united. 
pics from the treasure hunt activity

k i have to be quick buttttt this week was GREAT
zone conference was super good and passed by so fast. after i thought lots about the spirit. they say if you have the spirit you’re worthy and you’re doing it right and God is accepting your work. i have more than one year doing this work now and i’m not having tear shedding experiences everyday… but do i still have the spirit? i got super worried. do i teach what He wants me to teach? i talked to my companion about it because that night i thought lots about it all. she told me about an experience that happened this week that she felt the spirit really strong when i taught. we were teaching thamires, and she seemed very unexcited and hopeless. she had been smoking that morning and was honestly just being so so annoying. i didn’t know what to say to her. i was just so frustrated. so i said a prayer, asking for help to know what she needed to hear. after... i just looked her in the eyes and told her how much i loved her and how much Heavenly Father loves her. and i told her the potential she can reach  but only if she keep the commandments. i don’t know if it really helped, but it had to because it wasn’t me speaking. then throughout the week i had lots of other experiences that really helped me have the confirmation that the spirit is constantly guiding this work when we follow it. 
this work is so great!!! we have a few people so so so so close to being baptized. maybe this week we will have a miracle, but if not next week for sure. i pray. 
i love you all sooooo much. 

have a great week. ta bom? xoxoxo ash aka sister faldmo
we never drink the chimarrão... but every family wants to serve it to us

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