Monday, September 8, 2014

september 8, 2014 marcando datas and stuff‏...

how can you not just love this face of my comp??? :)
another activity at the church = success. 
                                      jeopardy challenges for the activity at the church:)
we finally contacted a reference given from a person in another state but actually no because the boy wasn’t home but we asked his mom if we could teach her and guess what? the gospel is exactly what she is needing right now. funny how that works out. 
i learned how to play the cups song. #workingfordessert :)
yep dont worry i found a place to buy diet coke with coconut in it… já era. #addictedagain
when you invite someone to a baptism and they reject... *see details below
we have the coolest new investigators-- neli and jonathan. jonathan is like miracle boy and famous in with other religions here. he is super talented and plays lots of instruments and sings super well. i feel kinda bad that he’ll be baptized and then other churches will probably lose lots of people because the people are probably just going there to hear him play. mwhahahah. 
the video about missionary work and the atonement. i’ve seen it lots on the mission so i’ve kinda become numb to it.. but as you know i’ve been praying for more spiritual experiences where i feel the spirit super strong… and this week i had one watching the video. gosh dang it it is perfect!
sionara *see below. 
when your recent convert asks for help paying his tithing. 
the letter our investigators wrote for us saturday night... after they received the answers they needed about the church :) darn!  i wish i had time to tell you everything they said. 

so as you can see my week was good better and best!!!
first of all god loves me and i’ve felt the spirit so strong this week. 
second of all.. 
* we have 4 of the cutest sisters that we are reactivating. one is 19. and guess what? she is thinking about going on a mission! 
i haven’t had way good experiences with reactivating members but this is totally worth it. we gave her a preach my gospel the other day and watched the missionary work and atonement video with her and it was so special to be able to share my testimony with her about all that missionaries do and the importance of this work. 
so saturday we were at joaos house teaching his daughter and her two friends. i felt strongly i needed to set their baptism for saturday. i tried three times and they rejected. i didn’t understand why… and they really didn’t either. but we went on and taught the rest of the lesson. at the end sister rodrigues invited them again... and they accepted! idk exactly why? maybe it needed to be her and not me. butttttt this saturday we have a baptism. things are a little complicated because her friends don’t live in our ward but they come to stay at joao’s house every weekend... so technically, they haven’t ever been to their real ward so idk it’s all just a little messed up but everything will work out. i’m so so so happy for marielli (joaos daughter) and valeria and mariana :)

anyways. gtg homies. i love you so much. 

xoxo ash aka s f

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