Monday, September 22, 2014

atividade sábado - dia do gaúcho tchê! september 22, 2014

i now own bombachas!! 
sister rodrigues and i at the atividade w/ such great people here
thamires quit smoking!!
so i’m leaving cruz alta
so let's just show you all the people i'm so sad to leave...
the oliveira family... ivando (the dad) is our ward mission leader. i love them so much!! their oldest son is serving a mission too and the other is preparing. 
the people in my ward
wonderful people i have taught
i’m leaving my comp
we were a great team here in cruz alta... this is going 
to be a tough goodbye, we laughed and we worked

I’m leaving joao and marielli and valeria
who will feed me ice cream?
so i didn’t prepare anything for this letter and i can’t remember anything.. 
our activity for dia do gaucho was off the hook!!!! 
dia do gaucho

sooooo this letter is going to be horrible. oops sorry. 
basically this week was good. ha. everything was cray cray. went on splits with sister alves. it was cool. we will go home together. 
thamires quit smoking... we were slowing stopping our visits with her then, after almost a week,  we visited her and she said she prayed for us to visit her, she has been reading alone, and she quit smoking!! so, we marked her baptism.. but then,  she didn’t go to church :(

anyways. i seriously don’t have any time. i love you all. enjoy the few pics I sent.

xoxo ash aka sister fald
so... yeah, don't worry i bought these sour patch kids
 at mtc in provo... this is how we decided to drowned
out the transfer sorrows.

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