Monday, September 29, 2014

september 29, 2014... rosário do céu‏


sweet andressa was waiting for me at the rodoviaria to say goodbye when i left cruz alta. she’s a single mom of 3 and is less active but has the biggest heart. she and her baby were there. i couldn’t believe it! it’s way far away from her house, she went on the bus and everything just to see me before i left! 

had a nice little activity about the plan of salvation. 



ughzzzz send me back to cruz alta not gonna lie, i miss my peeps there. 

saying goodbye to joao and his family and marlene. tears. And the brats aka my irmãzinhas even used my scarf to wipe their nose but i was so sad i didn’t even care haha. 

first day without make up on the mish- tuesday. didn’t have time because i was packing (you know me, always last minute). i planned to do my makeup that morning while I traveled on the bus but i accidentally left my makeup bag under the bus with my other things. i had to do it quick in santa maria before i saw anyone haha. 

rainnnnnn até o pó. 



during the rain storm we were going home and my new companion decided to try and help a dog that was being assaulted by another dog (sorry TMI) and she went to like kick it the other dog or something idk... but her shoe went flying and landed inside a fence of a church! ahhhh. so i had to enter through the barbed wire fence to go get it for her. yeah. 



FINALLY after one year and our provo mtc departure,  i saw sister shumway!!! during transfers for like 20 minutes at the rodoviaria in santa maria

my new branch has a bus that picks up all the members.. sickkkk!



so.... this lan house is going to close in ten minutes. brasil and their lunch hours. and it’s been péssima to send pics.. next week i will try a different email place. but lovers i love you.


rosario is sweeeet. it has a beach. (if i had more time i would keep going with this rhyme)


the big news is 


everyone better watch. even if you’re not a member of our church. go to on sat and sun homies. 

can’t wait to hear from pres monson!! no, but serious i’m so excited. it’s my last one on the mish. weird right?

also weird that in four months i’m done. UghL why did the secretary tell me my return and release date??? 


i love you all k?

xoxo ash aka sister faldmo

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