Monday, October 6, 2014

conference is my fav... october 6, 2014

it's not hard to find new friends here in rosario
this is our branch president's daughter
wooohoooo i got to talk to irma patricia from camobi the other day!! she said i’m remembered as the sister with the “botas azul” aka the blue boots
the cute irma that gave us chocolate before every conference session this weekend
and calls us irmas not sisters haha
totally fell in the rain tuesday and scraped my knee  #pain
not sure if you can see that nice bruiser i have on my knee?
couldn't stop me from making this visit to naninha & her children 
this is naninha in the center and she recently joined the church here in rosario
her daughters have taken a liking to me

so i ate buffalo this week and i don’t know what to think about it... it was good it’s just not what i thought i would be eating here in southern brasil! haha. made me think of home of course and the one and only Al’s Oasis in good ol’ south dakota.
family nights!
making family night so fun...
our investigators gave us milk... straight from the cow #livinlarge
um, excuse me. but if you didn’t watch general conference REPENT NOW!! it was perfect!!

so this week was perfect because of conference. i loved it! i went with lots of questions.. more than i have ever had. i also had some doubts about things too. and guess what? everything was taken care of this weekend. it’s kinda crazy how that happens but that’s the miracle of having: the holy ghost, prophets and apostles, the priesthood, and the restored gospel here upon the earth!
i felt that we were taught a lot about supporting our leaders and keeping the commandments NO MATTER WHAT. it’s apparent that the standards of the world and the church are separating in a BIG way and they are preparing us, and asking us to prepare our testimonies. it’s something i need to get better at too—an improvement i need to make.. just obeying, even when i don’t understand why
if you didn’t watch conference whether you are a member of the church or not, i invite you to watch on and learn how you can strengthen your relationship with your salvador and your family. i know that thomas s. monson is a prophet called of god to lead not just the church but the world!  everyone would be wise to heed his counsel, and the counsel of the Lord’s chosen apostles on the earth today.
surprising valinda at the door to make her day better:)
which in turn made my day better...

i love you all. i love the prophet. i love my savior. and i love HIS church. i am so happy and hope that you all are finding happiness in the journey that your heavenly father has prepared for you here on the earth. 

beijos! sister faldmo

here we all are.. in between sessions of 
conference.  the rosario district

they love surprises here and this is called a sound car... strange but cool.

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