Monday, October 13, 2014

october 13, 2014... the day my hunter boots saved my life

so, for all you know... i could have been in south dakota for the last 14 months. hahaha JK, but can you believe the similarities?
zone conference tomorrow
this is long but read it--
so idk if y’all saw buttttt.. i fell in a hole last week. it was great. it was monday night.. during our first lesson i was checking out my knee and thinking how happy i was that it was healing (remember two weeks ago i fell too, oops ya... ) idk what my deal is. i scraped it up like a 5 year old who fell off her bike:/and before this 2nd fall, i was happy because zone conference is tomorrow and i don’t want ugly knees. so we left that lesson and went to teach another right? right. but i’m in brasil. it was dark. and i wasn’t paying attention. and there just happened to be a hole in the sidewalk. i won’t explain this hole because mom will make me come home early because she’ll worry about me, but let’s just say now that i have a strong testimony of hunter boots, their quality, and will never regret bringing them with me despite their weight & bulkiness. 

my body and my bag are starting to show the battle wounds of my mission:)

annoying elders that think it’s funny to put alarms on your phone for 1am, 4am, and 6am ---now accepting ideas for payback.
some people i love
so we were just teasing this family and we said to this irmã, totally smiling and laughing that we “passed her husband at work but really he was just sitting in the shade drinking coke and eating a cheeseburger.” it was a complete joke, but I guess I need to work on how to tell a joke it Portuguese… she took it seriously and on sunday she was telling the whole relief society about it because she was upset he’s not watching his health. hahaha. 
so just so you know, it’s no secret that i hate umbrellas because they always break and you get wet anyways. this week it rained SOOOOO hard for like 10 minutes after we left a teaching appointment.  i am dumb and didn’t want to use an umbrella and i got soooo wet. #whenwillilearn
one of the less actives we have been working with has a daughter who really wants to dance ballet (she’s 6 or 7) so one night we had dinner there and we decided to dance a little ballet. ok it’s been forever but now i want to dance ballet again!  #donotthrowawaymypointeshoes

this little evelyn has stole my heart here in rosario do sul
we met the best less active member this week working with the member list. it is the best feeling when you can answer someone’s prayer and truly be an instrument in God’s hands. 

i love the plan of salvationnnn! *details below 
some of my new homies in rosario do sul at a family home evening

so the highlight of this week was definitely teaching rose and her family the plan of salvation. sometimes i’m dumb and forgetful. i need to remember that everyone has lost someone they love at some point. well this family has lost sons, brothers, mothers... everything. rose is mad at God because he took her son away. she said she can’t be completely happy because she doesn’t have him here. the lesson was super great because her brother, ronaldo, is reading the book of mormon and was straight up quoting things left and right we had taught him or whenever rose had questions. i know there’s people that don’t believe that only one church is true, or that we have living prophets on the earth today, or that the book of mormon is the word of God... but it’s who can deny the plan of salvation. how can you NOT hope to see your loved ones again? how can you NOT want to have eternal life with them? it’s the real deal. it’s why we’re here. and i’m so grateful that i can help bring this hope to people, because without it, life truly is pretty sad. 

i admit i am imperfect, but because of the plan of happiness, as we like to also call it,  i know the importance of the atonement of Jesus Christ. i know what he did and i know i can repent, and every day i can testify boldly and with strength that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE and that our Heavenly Father wants to forgive. He does and He will. 

anyways. i love you MUITO. and i love cards too ;)

have a stellar week and don’t miss me too much. 

xooxoooxoxoxo sister faldmo

this is my current companion sister pereira silva... not to be confused with former companions sister pereyra or sister sousa silva:)

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