Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 dilma FTW

Occasionally our family gets snail mail letters from Ashley.  Of course, they arrive about a month after they are written:)  Last week we got one and a few of the things she wrote I want to share with everyone on her blog.  It makes me realize how much she has grown and how difficult it will be for her to leave Brazil. 

September 23, 2014
“I am on the bus leaving Cruz Alta to my new area—Rosario do Sul! Last night we went to pick up Sister Rodrigues’ new companion at the rodovaria.  Our ward mission leader was there.  I love him so much.  He brought us pastels & coke.  When we had to leave he made a heart with his hands to me as we left and said goodbye… that night we went to Joao’s.  On the way there, here came Marielli and Mariana running to greet us and to hug us.  Joao and Marlene were making us dinner.  We all ate and after I shared a message from Alma 5 about keeping the commandments and enduring to the end.  Of course, I cried.  Marlene cried. Mariana cried. Marielli cried. We hugged.  Cried. Took ugly pictures. And cried some more. We said our good-byes.  Mariana and Marielli walked us halfway home, hugging me (one on each side) the whole way.  They used my scarf to wipe their tears… & noses.  I had to pack more when I got home and finally got to bed at 2:30.  6:30 AM in the shower. Packed some more. 8:30 AM went to the bus station for my departure.  Andressa, a less active was there waiting for me with her little baby.  It was so thoughtful that she wanted to say goodbye.  She had to take a bus and everything to get there because it was so far away for her to walk… It’s hard to grasp that my time is actually ending.  But I’m happy.  I still have lots to do here but it will be good to go home and know how to help the missionaries better…  This state (Rio Grande do Sul) has so many memories, with parts of my heart scattered in various cities.  Goodbyes are so hard because I don’t if I will see any of these people again and I don't want to go home and ever forget about them.”

p-day at the beach!!! perks of serving in rosário. 
me and my comp... i've got her back:)
our district celebrating elder lopez' bday at the beach last pday
children, please don't try this at home

sometimes you just have to jump off of something if you can't jump in the water:)
its already getting SO HOT!!! and i got burned a little this weekL
when i don’t have an educated opinion about the brazilian presidential election, but everyone is talking about it. so i don’t know if i should be happy or sad that dilma won?
taking 7 kids to the primary activity… and then being attacked with my allergies but trying to keep it together because I have a little girl holding onto each hand. 
the primary party was definitely a thumbs up success:)
dinner two nights in a row with gabi :) 
ELEITOS! - aka people you start teaching during the week and they go to church that very following Sunday!!!
members that are eleitos- aka members that bring friends and neighbors to church that you don’t even know 
●fyi: i already have a lake powell level tan!

sharing our message in the praça... think central park on a much smaller scale:)

ok, so not lots to say this week. it was good. but today is a special day. so sometimes i remember numbers really well… sometimes not. but it was one year ago today that i had my first baptism- lidia. I also taught her my first lesson in the mission field. gosh, i LOVE that girl!! and i have grown to LOVE everyone that i have been able to teach here in the state of Rio Grande do Sul as they have prepared for baptism. i remember the night of lidia’s baptism so well. it was simple, but so special. i was so happy and proud of her, and i could feel how happy and pleased Heavenly Father was with her. that’s one of the perks of the mish. you really do have moments when this reality sinks in-- you truly are a representative of Jesus Christ.  Even if you don’t have those moments like i had with lidia and others who i have taught, you have to remember it and truly act like our Savior would. the phrase “what would jesus do?” becomes real on the mish. if i can’t become like my Savior now, when i am devoting every waking second of my day to His work.. when will i? but… yeah, it can be super hard. like WAY hard. but it definitely wasn’t easy for Him. so, i can try. 
gabriele invites us for churrasco ... they like their meat here in southern brazil:)

so, maybe you’re not serving a mission but you can seriously consider the challenge to become like our Savior. do what he would do. think what he would think. say what he would say. and you will feel His love and the happiness that it brings. 
the little gaucha:)
i love you all. i know this church—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church upon the face of the earth.  It is here.  It has been restored as promised in the New Testament. i know it is worth it. 

xoxo sister fald
FHE Crafts
FHE Games:)

MESSAGE IN THE SAND... But no caption sent, so if any of you can figure it out??

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