Monday, November 3, 2014

happy halloween november 3, 2014

look at this tree in the streets of rosario!!! isn't it amazing?? :)
we got an awesome reference this week. the wife is strong in her church and has a ton of faith. she was thinking about everything we taught you could tell, but had a hard time because for years and years she’s followed another church and now she’s realizing her church might not be true. excited to see where things go with them. also a good sidenote is they have a little market in the front of their house and always give us treats and pop after teaching appointments. #winning
helped the youth get the church all cleaned up and ready for their halloween dance:)
no bad!!!!
i am constnatly getting drenched in brazil!!!
awk (start then turns awesome)
dia dos mortos aka we went to the cemetary.  what did we do there? we talked to people about the plan of salvation. at first i was super worried people would be offended but actually people were very receptive and it was a great experience. 
i received the happiest phone call saturday night. THAMIRES WAS BAPTIZED! remember thamires from cruz alta?? 14. smoked. is like my little sister. sister rodrigues called and let me talk to her. i am so so so happy that she finally committed and was baptized. she was so happy and so cute. i told her i would see her in january before i leave my mission and she said  “you know january really isnt that far away? in young women’s we are already planning activities for january” i died from joy and happiness!!
THAMIRES WAS BAPTIZED!!!  please everyone know how much i lover her:)
inspiration, leaders, and the priesthood **
i think... a miracle might happen and cute sabrina (yeah i didn’t even know she was our investigator too!! haha.) might be baptized this week. she’s 8 and her siblings are members but lately she’s been going to church all alone! to be honest, i have always felt a special love for her. but, who wouldn’t? she’s so cute and strong. i didn’t really know her story but now we do and know that she needs to be baptized!! woohooo. 
this is lariane in the middle, my homegirl in rosario do sul

**so this week my zone leader called to ask how things were going. one of my zone leaders was in the ctm with me so we get along well and i’m not afraid to tell him what’s really up. i told him about some problems I’d been having and he gave me a section in the doctrine and covenants to read and asked me how long it’s been since i read my patriarchal blessing? it had been a couple weeks since I had read it, so he told me not to just read it but to study it too. (a patriarchal blessing is a blessing that members of the church may receive from a church patriarch.  It is a personal blessing that is given and becomes like scripture just for you! it tells you about some of the promises and blessings that Heavenly Father has waiting for you—it also tells you of things that may be your weaknesses that you’ll need to work on) the section in the doctrine in covenants he made me read was perfect for what i’m going through and of course reading my blessing is like the best thing you can do to feel Heavenly Father’s love for me individually. 
oops! ju ju got ahold of my lipstick!
another side note. this ward has some of the cutest men. ok don’t take that the wrong way. but seriously!  i just love them. the other day i saw two men in white shirts and ties walking in the road.. but, it wasn’t the elders. it was the branch president and another member visiting members. (lots of the members don’t have cars so they were just doing their thing.. walking like us!) also there’s another member, he’s deaf but EVERY SUNDAY he is there. there is no one to translate for him. He comes to partake of the sacrament and to just feel the spirit.  he can’t hear anything. he also went to ALL of the sessions of general conference. then there’s another member with disabilities. but he always bears his testimony. it’s a little hard to understand but the spirit is so strong! when he bore his testimony last week it was the one that touched me so deeply and made me cry. 

anyways… i know this letter is all over the place butttt. that’s that folks. things are going. this is the last week of transfers.. we will know what will happen friday. i’m a little nervous! but, let’s not forget that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. it is there waiting for the seekers of truth. 

dienifer, my comp and me before a family night at betas:)
last treinamento from elder session (he goes home next week)

i love you all lots. send me letters and stuff k? haha. 

xoooxoxoxo ash aka sister faldmo

ok, here's the story:
sick sick sick i thought we were going to eat this.. i almost got sick, but then i found out they were just preparing it for another meal. now i kinda regret it because a picture like this would have been cool but i saw it and went far away and just let the other missionaries take pictures with my camera haha. 

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