Monday, November 17, 2014

futbol na chuva (im so brasilian...)‏ november 10, 2014

me and my comp before transfers in front of the rosario sign:)

i will stay in rosario do sul for 5 more weeks with a new comp! 
i love love teaching the plan of salvation. the end. 
a bff sister saito is going home this week!! it wasn’t planned but because of the number of new missionaries she has to go home 5 weeks early with one other sister. this is super super sad. 
had a super weird things happen this week. almost had a miracle baptism, but then everything fell through in less than 24 hours. it was super stressful. but.. for now we just have to trust in the Lord and his time. 
when your family goes to the bahamas without you. 
giving a tour of the church to mykael & aline
when people get married!!! aka the elders' investigator and his wife. 
congratulations to mari and edson on their marriage!

ok so i know this letter is super lame. this week was kinda lame too. no jk it wasn’t lame but if i told you all the details you would think it was lame.  the cool thing is i turned brasilian this week. we went to the church to celebrate the last pday of two elders in my distrct and they wanted to play soccer. i was in flip flops and it was raining but what the heck i tried my best. basically,  truth be told, i’m horrible! but the good news is we played one game that was the americans vs the other countries in our district and the americans won!!! also, my comp is boss and plays better than all of the elders!!!
weeee are the champions of the world... or at least the rosario district:)
our soccer field:)
i’m happy i will stay here. when transfer calls were getting close i started worrying that i would leave. i didn’t feel ready and didn’t want to leave an area without being a part of a baptism. our teaching group isn’t huge but has potential so i am happy that i can work super hard these next weeks and have some success i hope :) also super happy bc my friend from my provo mtc district is coming to our humble city of rosario! yay for friends. 
RIP... he's going home.  #missiontradition

trying to copy my companion's favorite picture pose:)
so yeah. that’s all i have to say . but. i know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church upon the earth today. i know there is power in prayer. the Book of Mormon is how we can know. i love teaching restored gospel principles to people who are super faithful and great people but their church just lacks these principle that have been lost but that we have. it opens their eyes and it changes everything. 
another successful family night here in rosario
have a fabulous week and don’t forget to wish my sammy john a happy bday on november 11. 

te amo!!!!! xoxoox sister faldmo

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