Monday, November 17, 2014

november 17, 2014 introducing sister tenorio

downing 1 liter of ice cream on a hot day before we start fasting. 
those finding weeks... i dieeeee. clapping doors, visiting less actives, doing anything to teach but still not having results. #testingmyfaith #bringiton
annoying elders... even worse when they’re your leaders #morelessonstolearn
when you are looking for an address but it’s the wrong address but the person you need actually happens to be outside and you scare her because she didn’t know you were there but in the end it all works out because you found her actual house (ok this doesn’t really make sense maybe? but i just needed something to put in the awkward part.... but now telling this is really awkward)  
my new comp. HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME. sister tenorio is the best! i scored. i’m so excited for this time to work with her. 
so happy!!!!
anywayysssss. don’t hate me because i don’t have much to say. tuesday sister tenorio got here. i love her!!!!!! she’s 19. went to byu for a year before the mish. from texas. parents are mexican so she speaks spanish too! sometimes it’s awkward because i never know if she knows more portugese then me or if she’s throwing in some spanish??? so then we have to pull out the dictionary. the first two nights we stayed up way too late talking :)
speaking of sleep.. my body is dying. I’ve been SO TIRED. not just because of those two nights. today since it’s pday, i will do some serious napping. 
heading to church
this week we made some honest efforts to find new investigators but as for now--nothing. but this week will be different. two of our investigators went to church! ok, it was the other branch but i’m still super happy. they’re awesomeJ two siblings. we are teaching their family but their mom is super strong in the church she goes to. but just wait :) 
anyways. that’s about all homies. help the missionaries and maybe give them some chocolate too. 
loveee youu. have a great week :) 
xoxox sister faldmo

a selfie of a few missionaries in rosario:)

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