Monday, August 4, 2014

oooooo boca aberta... august 4, 2014

roomies & missionaries in cruz alta
sister gusmão (my comp) sister mendonça, sister saito and me
teaching with members... then after they stop by and buy a big cheeseburger for you and pop :)
…then a couple days later, the person you were teaching wants to do/make churrasco for you. alrighty. we accept!
ladies and gentlemen... this is churrasco
french fries and fry sauce. (just missing my corn dog hhahah i want frostop!!!)
yes folks... we're eating french fries.
so i fell again. i promise i’m ok. we were cleaning a house of a less active who is preggers. the ground was waaay wet and i had a ton of soap and i was mopping. i was messing around and BAM – i fell so hard. 
we got caught in the rain… again. 
i'm accustomed to being totally drenched
transfers are next week. my comp has been having crazy dreams and so she thinks she knows what will happen but idk if i should trust her dreams haha. 
remember the less active who lost their mom? they were at church again yesterday and the dad bore his testimony :) day makerrrr. 
four investigators at church yesterday… whattt up cruz alta????!!!!! 
one of our newer investigators is just great. she’s 14 and smokes but this week we gave her a book of mormon and she said something like ´´well you guys are going to write in the front of the book for me. something pretty, like you did for my friend right? i won’t accept it until you do´´ hahah. alrighty then. 
bottoms up??? just kidding... i'm really never going to drink this brazilian favorite

ok so this week was kinda another same old/same old. doing our thing. 
we have a great group of people that we are teaching and have 7 baptisms in mind for this month. 
this is pedro... and he loves me, as all brazilian children do:)
we have one planned for this saturday. joao. he’s my favorite. he’s pretty new... we have only been teaching him for three weeks but the last two weeks he went to church and loves it. it was him that cooked a churrasco for us one night. but the cute thing is that he got all nervous because he invited other members from church too and so he went and asked his member friend for help to cook it all haha. he’s a single dad and it’s just him and his daughter. but if he can really stop smoking he will be baptized this saturday…pray for this!!
also the ward is really getting better. they are getting more excited about sharing the gospel. this weekend we will have an activity for fathers day (it’s this sunday in brazil) and the numbers are growing. 
just everyone know that i’m in heaven here... nothing is perfect but everything is progressing so well!

have a great week lovers. 
xoxo ash aka sister faldmo
(ps boca aberta means mouth open or open mouth.. i’ve only heard people in cruz alta say it.. you call people a boca aberta when you want to call them dumb basically. it’s way catchy haha.)

my cruz alta district... ya, funny guy with the bunny ears

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