Monday, July 28, 2014

july 28, 2014... i'm on top of the world!

i'm on top of the world!!!
oh yeah… um i colored my hair. sorry, i just couldn’t handle it anymore. i needed a change. no more natural hombre. all one color! 
Just turning my locs over to another missionary... do you see how organized my "closet" is straight ahead?
did i mention the other day i woke up (and you all know how i am in the morning... let alone at 6:30 am),  i started walking, and then basically passed out. i tried to walk and got waaaay dizzy and couldn’t see anything then i just fell. hahahahahaha. all in front of my companion. so that was cool. don’t worry, i’m not dying. i’m fine.
RAIN RAIN GO AWAY. it rained so much this week! chuva até o pó. with wind. not cool. my new umbrella brokeL and i’m still too mad to buy a new one. 
having to follow  the rules and division of missionary areas might steal away some of our bestest investigators… but we threw a fit and so far so good.. i’ll explain a little below :)
CAN YOU BELIEVE… NO AWK MOMENTS THIS WEEK!—maybe i’m not thinking hard enough at the momentJ
we did a division/splits with the sister training leaders. since they live with us, it was one on one. the first time this has happened! so i got to go with sister saito to her area. of course we went in all the rain. i loved it! i love her. then after, we celebrated (not sure what we were celebrating) with the other sisters and a good ol pazookie :)
FOUR INVESTIGATORS CAM TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! am I making myself clear? i’m so used to being so so sad on sundays because no one goes to church... but yesterday, everyone went! (other than the people that were out of town because all of the schools have a break right now.
we are always finding new investigators. 
 even the cows listen to us:)
so yesterday we found a novo ^^ and i loved teaching her. she was always commenting and asking questions… and when i talked to fast so she didn’t understand me she would just tell me to slow downJ but i was talking about the great apostasy and how people changed important parts of the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ… for example, baptism. how many different types of baptisms do people perform today? but Christ was only baptized one way... and then we got to talking about the baptism of babies, and how churches are just baptizing someone without sin, so it has no purpose this girl we were teaching just said ´´wooow. it’s so true! why do people do that? it doesn’t make sense!!´´ and then she was just way shocked at how crazy and confused people are in their understanding.  sometimes we just don’t stop and think how messed up the world’s thinking can be. 
we really are a great team!
okay, so throughout the mission they are making sure all of the areas are good and divided equally for our work. for example… in our ward we have two duplas of missionaries… so we work on one side of the ward’s area and the other missionaries work on the other side. the problem is… we have investigators in their area! sooo at first they (our leaders) said we can keep teaching our current investigators, but not to find new investigators in that area. but, if you do pass them on to the other dupla. butttt then i guess president said it’s causing problems and throughout the mission you have to pass over all of your investigators that are outside of your area. BUT, we have mariane, a 13 year old who doesn’t want the elders to teach her. 
this is mariane in the center:)
we have joao and his daughter-- who we LOVE and he is interested in the church because he wants to help his daughter because her mom died and he knows his daughter needs the influence of strong women. and we have carlos, or carlinho... my favorite little man who just needs to stop smoking. so we may or may not have “fought” with our district leader and said we just CAN’T give them to the elders… with all due respect, they are better off with us :) so after some clever and eloquent words, our district leader talked to the zone leaders (oh leaders leaders leaders...) and they said since this is a little complicated as they are progressing for baptism this transfer we can keep them IF they go to church this week. so… obviously we prayed and fasted super hard for them to go to church this week. anddddddd THEY ALL DID!! YAYYA we get to keep them. mariane almost didn’t go but we may or may not have explained the situation with her and she came late because she doesn’t want to lose us as her teachers. bahaha.  she’s great!  i don’t know if i already said this butttt when we taught her about the word of wisdom (the commandment about not drinking coffee, black tea, alcohol, or smoking) she said that her friend had explained it to her and since she wants to get baptized she decided the change has to start with her and that day (which was a month ago or so) she stopped drinking coffee!! This is something she REALLY likes. um what? eleito!!!

so i’m a happy camper. all of our investigators have little probleminhas that we need to help them with (parent’s hearts to soften, quit smoking, etc) BUT i hope and pray and fast that by the end of the transfer, some if not ALL of them will be baptized :) they all have been given the invitation to “Come unto Christ” and they ALL have accepted and want to be baptized.

i hope and pray that you all are doing what you can to keep the commandments and honestly search for more knowledge about our Savior and what he did for you. i know it changes people. i’ve seen and witnessed it. of course, we respect every religion, but i’m so so happy i can represent mine—the church that contains the restored gospel of Jesus Christ here upon the earth today. at the beginning of my mission i was nervous to be so bold and always talk about how awesome this church is but it’s true... we all need God in our lives, but more importantly we need to find him in the right way, with the Christ’s church and saving ordinances that can be performed by the restored priesthood here on today... this is something i know only one church has. i know God didn’t make a different path for each of His children to return to him, and He doesn’t have lots of true churches. i do believe good can come from all churches and religion on the earth.  but i know salvation and exaltation will only come through the saving ordinances of the restored priesthood of Jesus Christ. His invitation is extended.

i love you all and i love the people here in cruz alta. my small sacrifice is so worth it. 

xoxo ash aka sister faldmo
peace out, girl scout:)

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