Monday, July 21, 2014

clube de luluzinha‏... july 21, 2014

ehhhh... life is just all good as a missionary. 
just a little look at the place i live in cruz alta-- sorry these pics are bad:/
soooo… this week i attended my first brazilian funeral. long story short is that a less active member of our ward died. unfortunately she never could quite give up smoking and she died because of her addiction. it was realllly sad. she has three kids that are all in their teenage years. she was less than 50 years old.
the funeral could really be under the awkward. there were some church members there and our ward did the funeral, but it wasn’t at the church. we sang. i conducted the music... i know,  that was realllly awk. the second song i didn’t even know and let’s just say i don’t think anyone else knew it either. next time… let’s just stick to “god be with you til we meet again.” stay with the classics. there’s safety in the classics. buttt... now go ahead and skip down to the awesome part... **
um… here they eat avocado like it’s sweet. with sugar. i tried it out. no thanks! someone needs to teach these people how to make guac!!
a member took us home after a family night because it was late anddddd... the car ran out of gas. it was an interesting ride home. 
MINHA NOSSA. lunch yesterday. with two crazies. i sat next to the gma and she kept putting food on my plate!! and so… i gave it to elder when she wasn’t looking. but then i couldn’t hide it and she said she wanted to see my plate clean so i told her to close her eyes for ten seconds and i put all the meat on elder’s plate. that’s how we get things done!
**on sunday this family of the woman that passed away came to church! i was so so so happy when they walked into sacrament meeting... some of the boys even had on a white shirt and tie and everything!! unfortunately, sometimes people need tragic things to happen to turn to God.
we had a family night with some of the young women... i can’t really explain it without you all judging me but we couldn’t invite everyone... so it really wasn’t official and we called it clube de luluzinha (a character from a cartoon who is identical with my comp) and invited some members, less actives, and our cute mariane aka best investigator ever... it was a hit! everything… the message, games, brownies, cookies, and a torta de pobre.
they were all excited to come to our family night
we made some yummy treats...
 we goofed around... a little
some of the girls were wearing their cooking:)

sidenote! the sisters and elders of the other ward have a radio program. legit, i know. every saturday night at 9pm brasilian time. google search this everybody: 107.9 popular fm cruz alta rs and see if anything comes up. it’s called mãos que ajudam. if you find it let me know and i’ll make them give you a shout out next week. 
sooooo. our mariane’s baptism did not happen on saturday. but we have lotssss of faith that it will happen soon. we just need a miracle to soften her mom’s heart. Unfortunately, carlos hasn’t stopped smoking yet so it will be a little bit before he can be baptized. 
my comp is teaching carlos how to put on a tie:)
my comp has some knee problems so we have just been walking to the really important stuff and haven’t been able to just be out finding and meeting new investigators... butttt it will all work out. i’m still really happy and excited about the investigators we have. they are super great and we know the probs that are in their way of Coming unto Christ  can be worked out. with god, we can do anything… right? right. 
Anyways, meu queridos... te amo. my time is getting smaller and smaller every day here in brasil and i can’t believe it. but I’m living it up and making the most of every minute as a missionary here! missions are the best. the gospel is so so true :)
xoxo sister faldmo

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